Friday, March 11, 2011

closed. but open minded


tough decisions come our way sometimes, don't they sweeties?
closing my handmade shop for a while was one of them.

so many of you have kindly asked & written me about it and so i just wanted to say thank you, and that yes, for a while my rikrak shop is going to be closed.

gosh ...  it's hard to put a stop to something i've worked like crazy to build momentum for, but i'm a firm believer that life's twisty and swurvy paths bring amazing things our way. i know it's so.

i needed to free up some precious time to be really really present in other parts of life. my wonderful mommy's not doing so well, so i ask for you to send good wishes in the wind her way, nicies.

how are you finding balance these days?
got some great strategies you use?

thanks for helping me out with it all, sweeties.

and someday {hopefully soon} the rikrak shop will be back in full swing.
til then, fear not ... it's full steam ahead here at the rikrak studio blog every weekday!
and cheers all around for making space in our lives.
hugs nicies.
great things ahead!
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  1. Stay true to your own path. We'll be eager to see where it leads you!

  2. Hugs sweetie! So glad the blog will be going strong.

  3. I think that is so great that you are stepping back to find your balance. It is a struggle for me every day. My Hatha Yoga class has REALLY helped me find balance in my life & reduce stress. I don't know if it is for you but it has helped me.

    I work full time, am in an intensive professional development program and am working on my MBA in the evenings so finding time to blog and practice yoga is my little piece of "me time." I'm glad your blog is also part of your "me time" as I'd miss reading it!!

    Best of luck!


  4. Good luck, Lady! I know the feeling, and wish you all the best. I'll continue to come back to read rikrak studio news!

  5. Your mom's a lucky lady to have you on her side, RR. Great things ahead for sure!

  6. oh K, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Hugs, I hope she gets well soon.

  7. I had to do the same to my handmade shop back in December. It was a hard decision but a necessary one, and I don't regret it one bit. I am getting the chance to spend more quality time with my kiddies and especially get the help my autistic child needs. Finding balance is so crucial! Now I can craft or create art with no pressure and no deadlines. :) hope you find what works for you and will be thinking of your mom.

  8. Huge hugs!

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom... But family comes first!

    Take good care!

  9. I'm sorry to hear that Kristal. I hope your mother recovers and best wishes for you and yours.


  10. Wishing you and your mother all the best.
    It's great that she has you to care for her.
    It's great that you'd make such a secrifice for her.

  11. Lots of love and best wishes to you and your Mom x

  12. Big, warm hugs to you & your mom, sweetie! You're not really gone when you're shop is closed, you are still in my heart! Hope you can balance life out & be happy and content as ever. XO Mitsy

  13. thank you ALL so much for your kind words, sweeties. each one is so sweet & thoughtful.

    hugs + thanks ever-so-much for your kind support, lovelies!

  14. so sorry to here about your mom!!I hope and wish she gets better soon!!!

  15. We don't know each but I've always enjoyed and benefited from whatever your touching.

    Warmness and peace for you and your family. Balance wobbles us and while I don't have the answers, when I slip in an E.T. (Eckhart Tolle) cd while driving, it helps keep me present better. A small tidbit.

    I was wondering about your shop too. Thanks for posting!

  16. I know how hard it is to make those decisions sometimes, but you will get through it and be stronger for it! Best of luck!

  17. Wishing your mom health and wellness. You've probably made the right decision and when and if you decide to reopen, I'm sure you'll make a success of it. I made a decision three years ago to quit my rat race job and who would ever have thought that I'd be blogging and making jewelry - it was the right decision though as I'm sure yours will be. Best!

  18. This post made me sad. Like when I get sad passing a store that has gone out of business. There's just so much heart in opening up a shop, it's sad to see them close. But good for you for realizing that other areas of your life need more attention right now. I will definitely keep your mom in my prayers and I will be looking forward to you reopening again!

  19. i really really appreciate all of your kind kind words, sweeties. thanks so much for your thoughts and hugs and good wishes for my mom, too.

    hugs all around.

  20. hugs to you! I hope your mom pulls through!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!