Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the ekphrastic challenge *revealed* : part six

wonderful imaginings, nicies!here's what you all came up with, inspired by lawren harris'
beautiful *winter landscape with pink house* painting.  
love the tones and hues you all incorporated in this 6th round of the ekphrastic challenge! 

don't you just love great art inspiring other great art!

gorgeous! just gorgeous!
wishing you a day filled with gorgeous tones! 

have any colours inspiring you today?

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  1. I love these collections inspired by art! I'm so honored to have a place in the puzzle! It's a masterpiece :)

    Thank you!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for including my selection, RR.

  3. thanks sweeties! i love thos pale pale hues! well done cuties!

  4. Lovely colours, what a good idea! I was inspired by the colour palette, so made an etsy treasury:

  5. Pretty pretty! I'm feeling very YELLOW today. Not bright tie-dye yellow, but cheerful birdie yellow. It just seems like the time for bright blue skies and yellow daisies.

    Nevermind the fact that it is still below freezing at night. I choose to bury my head in the sand about that.

  6. ooo Formidable :)) as always !

    I'm so honored to have a place in this soft and elegant beauty !

    Merci :)

  7. Beautiful colors! So happy my soap and wash cloth made the ekphrastic cut!

  8. absolutely beautiful collection! loving the teals...thanks so much for the inclusion!

  9. wow, you got a gorgeous collection in this challenge!

    I love this game, so give us more :-)

  10. The previous commenter (Balint) was me, vadjutka :-)

  11. What a beautiful Treasury based on Lawren Harris's painting!!! The painting itself is so inspiring. ~Val

  12. Alyssa (theshagbag)04 March, 2011 19:52

    Very cool idea! Thank you!


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