Friday, March 25, 2011

earth hour

{the handmade earth hour} 
clockwise from top left: 
the earth via susannah tucker . change by lulubugjewelry. 
candle light by olivia collins photo
the hour by urbanwalls.
earth hour by the wwf.  good air {plant} by tohold.
natural light by irene suchocki . moonlight by sherri conley


it's earth hour tomorrow night {march 26th}, sweeties.
a world-wide pledge to turn off our lights for just 60 minutes. over 131 countries will join in on the darkness.
how will you be celebrating in the dark?

i'd love to hear. {i look for creative lovelies to include in my earth hour followup post every year!}

have a wonderfully, energy-restoring weekend lovelies.
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  1. How did I miss that it is Earth Hour tomorrow? Thanks for the reminder.

    Love that collection - great picks!

  2. I had no idea it was earth hour tomorrow (shame on me!) but now that I do- I think it calls for fun with our three year-old: I'm imagining magic forts and pretend castles with a flashlight or two and lots of imagination. Then perhaps a bit or rest to enjoy the lovely, quiet darkness :)

  3. We're having a raw food dinner party with friends! This is our 3rd annual Earth Hour event. I look forward to it all winter. Have a good weekend!!

  4. sure thing, elisa! thanks!

    and allisa - i love your fun fun plan! sounds great. we'll be doing something similar! yay!

    and jenna - love it! what a great tradition (and raw food, toO! brilliant)

    have a great time, cuties!

  5. i sat by candlelight and finished a sock i was knitting, then wound a few skeins of yarn for an upcoming project. couldn't help but notice that time slowed down in the dark :)

  6. I had a very nice candlelight dinner with my boyfriend, that lasted 2 hours! YAY!

    Camila F.


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