Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the winter blues ( & whites)

the message in a bottle: make a wish for the planet project by professor Jennifer Macklem @ winterlude ottawa 2009. photo by rikrak

oh heavens... winter continues.
seems like in general, folks around these parts are ready to say goodbye to the long cold winter for another year. but winter just loves us too much for that! winter just wants to extend it's visit and stay. and stay. and stay. feels like there's a few more weeks of courtship left! (it's soooo cold out today! brrr!)

but ... i have faith.
eventually, the lovely lovely long-awaited spring will come!
so til then, thought i'd bypass the winter blues & revel just a bit more in one of my favourite things about winter: the beauty blue of the winter sky and the wonderous white of the snowy world.

cause hey - it really will be spring.... soon.... right? won't it?

mr.rikrak & little rikrak skating on the pond. photo by rikrak.

the boys on the winterlude snowflake kingdom ice slides! photo by rikrak

mr. rikrak & little rikrak skating on the pond. photo by rikrak.
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  1. When I see your pretty pictures, I feel like I might like winter. But I DON'T!!!!!! :)

  2. Wow, some stunning photos here!! (And not just because I love blue :) Hmmm, maybe it's time to move somewhere further south, hey, rr???

  3. :) thanks nicies!

    good thinking, m! have somewhere in mind?

  4. WOW! All pictures are beautiful, but the first one ie just amazing!

  5. That third picture of the skaters' feet... Love it! So sweet.

  6. Take a look on my blog and it'll warm you up. We have spring here in Texas and I've just planted my garden. Lots of green and flowers!


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