Tuesday, March 10, 2009

great green-ies: team ecoetsy (& a FREE gift!)

greening.... i find it exciting and hopeful that while there sure are lots of terrible things going on to pollute & harm our planet, there are so many wonderful folks doing fabulous things to help make the world a greener, healthier place! so, the rikrak studio is happy to feature great green-ies : snapshots of amazing, inspiring. eco-forward-thinking folks from all sorts of fields and paths in the greening movement. some inspire by greening at home, or in their business; in their art or the larger world, or on many levels at once! i've asked each green-ie to suggest an easy eco-idea or tip we might all be able to add to our daily lives. today i'm honoured to present the next in this series!

if there is anything possibly better then an amazing person who dedicates their works to eco.forward greening, it's gotta be a group of individuals dedicating themselves to greening! and today's great greenie is just that... a green green group!

the Eco Etsy street team is a global group of handmade artisans dedicated to practicing and spreading the word about reducing, reusing & recycling. Team "EcoEtsy is open to sellers who try to waste less in the process of creating, selling, packaging and shipping, and to encourage buyers to do their part as well." the team runs an insightful (and very popular!) blog, that is filled with fabulous tips, tutorials, ideas, & green features.

i'm so proud to be a member team eco.etsy. it's a vibrant, busy, ALIVE group of folks who are passionate, and talented! so if you haven't already, be sure to search for the term "teamecoetsy" when you're shopping on Etsy!

and lastly, all this month, until march 31st, various team members are participating in MARCH MADNESS: Free & Green : where you'll receive a FREE GIFT with purchase from each shop. read more here! (i'm excited to be one of the participants!)

and for a fabulous array of green tips & tutorials, just subscribe to the EcoEtsy blog....

you'll find great ideas like this one, by
Leatherwood Designs on precycling

or this tip on bringing your own by betternbefore

or this solid shampoo tip by kootsac

to name some recent posts!


so happy greening, in our own lives, and in the goodies we bring into our homes!
have a green day!
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  1. It is an honor to be on this team with you! Go ecoetsy!

  2. eco etsy sounds awesome! ♥ keep up the green power!

  3. Sounds like a great team! Go GREEN!


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