Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what i'm working on:

oh gosh. i'm a lucky lady. thanks so much to all of the well-wishing nicies last week who encouraged me in my little new project shyness! what great cheerleaders you all are! i really appreciate it.

well.. here we go! i've launched the first few pieces, as part of my new eco. art series titled . the handmade week . : 35 original, one.of.a.kind vintage fabric & paper stitch collages.

this little project brings together some of my crazy loves in life: days + shapes + scraps = rikrak joy! first, i'll admit it: i'm in love with the days of the week. i've always been fascinated by days, and always felt as though each day of the week has it's own little family of characteristics, ways of being, and tones. ever feel like that? and i'm in love with geometric shapes... *sigh* ... and you might already know of my obsession with vintage fabrics scraps. this project is a reunion of those loves.

in . the handmade week ., there are 7 different repurposed colour-way families, incorporating meaningful & beautiful little scraps of some of my favourite vintage fabrics i've collected over the years. each collage is 3-dimensional, textured & layered. the works are stitched onto museum quality Arches Infinity papers. here's a glimpse @ monday & thursday:
above. from the family : mondays :

one thursday , from the rikrak series . a handmade week .

two mondays , from the rikrak series . a handmade week .

stay tuned for more!
and thanks again, nicies!
special thanks to my wonderful wonderful brother for inspiring it from the beginning! isn't trying something new refreshing (and challenging!)?
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  1. as an artist, i'm fusst about artwork- and i LOVE your work.


  2. i love the idea of stitching on paper! good for you for taking the plunge on this great new idea!

  3. Very neat that you're trying different stuff. It has a very modern look to it. I'm going through the same thing too -- trying out new ideas & being shy about it but it's liberating, isn't it.

  4. thanks, nicies! your comments are all super appreciated!

  5. love it! :)

    best wishes,
    jann & jeff

  6. Beautiful...I love Mondrian and Paul your pieces are adorable in my have a great eye for colour...
    Go GIRL!

  7. The new series is great!! And I think you are right about the mood and characteristics of different days.

  8. Love your new series! So creative - your work is wonderfully imaginative... love it.


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