Thursday, March 5, 2009

feeling shy

w.i.p. by rikrak

i'm feeling a wee bit shy today. i've been working on a few secret little projects ... and it seems like it's time to stop being so hush*hush on one of them.

now... i'm a super lucky soul. i don't too often feel very shy.
quite private? most certainly.
a worrier? usually!
sometimes quiet? sometimes.
but not too shy too often. but i certainly am today!

i don't mind talking about my shyness on a secret project. i think a good secret project will be brimming over with fun emotions! let's embrace new feelings! i just mind actually putting the finishing touches on things... cause hey - then the new thing is an actual thing! eek!

i set myself some new rikraky goals this year:
  • writing a blog to challenge my crazy non-writerly skills... it's on! (and hey - i was SUPER nervous about that - thanks for your help!)
  • working on some other still-to-be secret rikraky plans... check!
  • working on some new kinds of rikrak goodies a wee bit outside of my usual realm; to challenge myself a little bit .... tada!
do you have some secret little projects in the works? how are you feelin' about them? feel shy about crafting sometimes? here's a peek @ secret project #1... stay tuned!

w.i.p. by rikrak
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  1. gosh i just found your shop and i must say i am in love. i love your recyling of lovely vintage fabrics. i want it all. ♥

  2. Ohh it looks so promising! Nothing to be shy about, Rikrakkie! :)
    I made a few shy feelings this afternoon in my factory - what a coïncdence! :)
    I usually can't keep my secret projects secret for long - I write about them in my newsletter so it's not like the whole world knows about it yet! :)

  3. I am shy about some things :-) I am working on two new projects. I guess they are not secret because I am always blabbing about them LOL. One is very new for me - hopefully it will be a success and I won't be too embarrassed to post the photos.

  4. Ooooh! Those look so interesting, RR! Cannot wait to see the finished project!

    I'm like you - not too shy. But I do feel very shy about trying things WAY outside of my comfort zone!

  5. Love your gorgeous blog and your gorgeous work!

    I am very shy, but I cannot keep secrets, they burst out of me... so don't tell me any that you want me to keep... heehee....

  6. i can't wait to see your super secret project! it's so wonderful to go out on a limb with new ideas.

    i always have secret projects that i'm working on. it's my favorite thing to do, coming up with new designs. sometimes i don't know how they'll turn out and it just comes to me as i'm working. my biggest frustration; a lack of time to work on the new ideas i've sketched out.

    shyness is something i too have struggled with my entire life. it's compounded by the fact that i blush easily (i blame my mother's irish/scottish genes :)). it's always good to challenge yourself.

    i'll be watching for your secret's unveiling! and your blog is beautiful! xo

  7. Thanks for sharing, and overcoming your shyness!

    Your teasers about new products have me utterly intrigued!

  8. Yay! for overcoming shyness! You're doing great with the blogging. ;-)

    And heck yeah, I've got a secret project in the works at the moment. Actually, I should be working on it right now, but what can you do? He he.

  9. I like what I see so far! Ya-hoo!

  10. oh thanks so much for your kind kind words of encouragement, nicies! :) and i love hear about your shynesses & secret projects! woohoo!

  11. Hi! I just saw your thread on etsy and thought I'd stop by - I always have time to support a fellow blogger! Your shop and aesthetic are wonderful, keep up the great work!

  12. So, I just left a comments and then it disappeared.
    LOVE your blog writing and I can't wait, even though I think a little cruel to tease, your new creations...I have awarded you the KReATIVE Blog award, because you are extremely creative!!!
    Goto my blog to find out more!

  13. What a great blog! I'm glad I found it!

    I'm still lovin my coasters and my wallet! They are so great! I really admire how everything you make, your items, blog, site, etc, all look so fun and colorful and inviting!

  14. I know exactly how you feel- I always shy away from announcing my successes. But, you should do it more, and be proud of yourself!

  15. you're just so darn awesome miss, you really are.
    honest, real, genuine and heck!! shyness happens!! it just makes you even more genuine in my eyes..and that's all part of the act of creation.
    I believe in you. and I know SO MANY others do too.
    Keep up the amazing work missRikrak. WE LOVE YOU!!! XOXO!!

    p.s. you already know my big creation secret! heeheehee! ;)

  16. I love secrets. Well, not really but your secret won't stay a secret forever so I'll wait and see. You know what they say, Good things come to those who wait.....and wait.....and wait...

    BTW...your font color is so faint when I read it. Is it me or am I getting old? Don't answer that if it's going to hurt me. lol...LOVE your blog.

  17. Mmmhhh... love those photos!!

  18. If you're feeling shy, it must be very close to your heart. Can't wait to see what you've got in store. What you've divulged thus far is lovely! (No surprise there, though!)

    Love that new clutch with the blue/purple/green floral bed linen.

    Hope you're well!

  19. i answered your question here, lovey
    yeah i know i'm kinda late ;o)
    i love your blog K!
    you have so many things to say, and all of them are interesting!


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