Friday, March 6, 2009

greatest hits: with oktak

what inspires you artistically & creatively? what would those inspirations look like visually? in this fun series, (please see the others here) ... i’ve invited some wonderful artists to share with us 4 images of inspiration in their artistic life, something of an interview in images! the guidelines were basically this: choose 4 visuals (something like your creative-stimuli *greatest hits!*) that you feel most inspires & expresses your art or craft today. for some, it might be a person, place or thing; a material; a pattern; a colour; a sound or song, etc. it might be a photograph, a drawing, a scan, etc. i’ve tried to leave it a bit open-ended so that we might better glimpse into these artists' motivations and their amazing, raw talent! today i’m delighted to present the next in the series "greatest hits*:

*swoon* .. everything about the handmade work of oktak just makes me *swoon-worthy.*

a favourite of many many an etsyian, Aki (of the brilliant label oktak) crafts beautiful handmade bags & frame purses that are a true delight to the senses. who wouldn't want one of those impeccably made, gorgeous & luxurious fabrics in hand? i just love oktak's beautiful sense of style, the perfect way she uses colour & light & pattern in her work, and the simple, classic contemporary style she inspires every handmaker to strive toward.

and ... she's a delight, too! so warm & friendly & modest. so I asked Aki, a Tokyoite living in Manhattan, designer extraordinaire & wonderful mommy, to share with us what inspires her beautiful beautiful work.
in her own words, here are 4 images that inspire her...


A Japanese iris, taken in a garden in Tokyo: Nature because I believe it's the source of inspiration for everything humans make, conscious or not.

My kids' art. Because they aren't afraid to create what they want, and their art is so alive and unique. "It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child"
- Pablo Picasso.

Little girl kimono: My grand-mother made this gorgeous silk kimono for my mother's 3rd birthday - it was handed down to me and then to my daughter. I am very much influenced by the Japanese aesthetic of using beautiful (and often shocking) fabric for the lining.

Mid-century art & illustration. These are works by Jim Flora and Mary Blair. Just because I love art from this era.


beautiful. thanks so much, aki.
for a delightful stroll, visit oktak's beautiful shop.

ahh... delightful! and have a bright & beautiful weekend, lovelies.
(ps: thanks for all of your wonderfully warm well-wishes yesterday about the new rikrak works! your comments are so very very much appreciated.)

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  1. Such a wonderful's such a pleasure to see other people's inspirations...still can't wait to see your little secret which you're creating...I'll be back later to see if you've posted anything!
    Have a good day...

  2. Oktak & RikRak = I'm in LOVE!
    Great feature! I love her work. ;+)

  3. Another wonderful post rikrak. I love reading your blog...check out my blog today I gave you an award :)

  4. I'm a fan of Oktak's for so long now. So happy to see this great feature! Have a happy weekend, Rikrak!

  5. Super post! Love her work. Have a great weekend, Rikrak!

  6. Wonderful article on a great artist! I haven't seen Oktak before, so I'm glad you featured her in your blog. I'm off to check out her shop now!

  7. thank you, nicies!
    and thanks so much, nancy! you're a sweetie!


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