Monday, March 9, 2009

happy birthday, mr. rikrak!

march is a very special month in the rikrak home. it marks birthdays for two of my best friends in the world... the charming mr. rikrak , & mommy rikrak (my wonderful mom!)

today is my fun-loving, poem-writing, super-creative, superdaddy, brilliantly-minded, prof-extraordinaire, cute hubby's birthday.

i'm so lucky to have my best friend as my partner, and for so many adventurous years now!

so happy birthday, sweetie.
you inspire me to be a more thoughtful soul, a more dedicated listener & to challenge my ideas in wonderful ways.
you're wonderful.

happy birthday, love!

(you should see how very cutely little rikrak decorated the house for the occasion! adorable little daddy drawings, handmade *streamers* & fun little signs! love it!)

(ps: here's a blatant plug: here's his 1st book: it's great! go buy it! hint hint!)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. RikRak! Looks like you two sure are a famous couple!!!! Glad to see kindred souls together. :^)

  2. Happy birthday to the MR! Great dedication.

  3. Happy b-day to Mr. RikRak! Wonderful little post. Made me smile ;)

  4. made me smile too!!
    congratulations to (the very talented) Mr Rikrak!!!!

  5. happiest of days mister rikrak. ;)
    fishies are some of my FAVE peoples too. Love love love! xo!

  6. Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday too but I'm a lot older, I'm sure. Barbie and I turned 50 today. WE ROCK!

  7. You two sound like such a wonderful couple, RR! Happy Birthday, Mr. RR!!

  8. What a sweet post. Hope his day was fab!

  9. You two sure are a powercouple in the art world! Happy (belated) bday, MR. RR!


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