Thursday, March 12, 2009

with thanks

you folks are so sweet! i mean it!
thanks for your daily fun comments (i read each and every one... and usually go clicking along your links to visit your fun wepages & sites! what talented readers the rikrakstudio has! :)

....what fun blogging is!
now... i'm really bad @ being tagged, and passing tags along. that's always been the case! but i very much appreciate all the sweeties who have honoured me with fun web awards... so it's high time i say thanks! in lieu of tagging forward, i hope you don't mind that i'd like to feature these sweeties instead!

thanks first to artmind, who kindly sent along the proximiade award, for being "an exceedingly charming blog!" ... how sweet, nicey! thank you!

next, thank so much to new york memos who tagged me for fun random things!

lastly, thanks to 2 lovelies who sent me a Kreativ Blogger award! that's so nice of you sweeties!

to the lovely nancy of nancywallis designs,

& to we blog artists (winner of my giveaway - woohoo!) ... many thanks... it's an honour!
so... the latter 3 awards asked for 6-7 things i love / or random things. so i hope you don't mind that i've put them all together into one little list:

7 random things i love!

1. i adore blue sky mornings & rainy afternoons.
2. i love playing @ the park with my little sweetie.

3. i can't get enough of 80's dance parties in the living room.

4. i apparently talk really fast (& i kinda love it! ;)

5. i love staying up late, talking with dear friends.

6. i'm obsessed with taking photographs & looking @ others beautiful photos.

7. i'm addicted to playing board games & talking games. (oh my poor poor family!)

so thanks again, nicies!
what fun it is to meet a whole new community of fun folks in bloggerville! thanks so much to everyone who's stopped by the rikrakstudio to visit! yesterday, i put together a little treasury about my appreciation for those blogging superstars out there! you can find it here!


lastly, this with thanks goes out to the wonderful fawn & forest, who is featuring rikrak as a forest find this month! i'm so very very honoured! and the whole process of working with the lovely, brilliant folks @ fawn & forest has been a delight!
thanks so much, nicies!

happy thursday, wonderfolk! thanks.
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  1. I always love to ready your posts. Always so upbeat and happy!

    Thank you for making me smile on a daily basis :D

  2. You sounds just as much fun as I was sure you were- ya know : )
    Beautiful treasury to honey!!

  3. Such a lovely post. I am sure you just made so many peoples days. ♥

  4. When I read your facts, we sure have some in common! :)
    Thanks for being a great blogger, sweets! :)

  5. Lovely post - positive, happy and nice to find someone else loving bright mornings and rainy afternoons :)
    I am sure being featured and being appreciated and loved in such a nice manner feels really good. Congratulations!


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!