Saturday, March 28, 2009


many thanks to all of you nicies who are following my little blog! i'm so honoured! as promised: the rikrak studio blog followers giveaway #1.

i simply scrolled back on the list of my blogger blog followers to the first page (remember how sometime about a month ago the *followers* listings changed on blogger from the order folks joined a blog to some other strange order? weird! :) ... and then added all of the feedburner readers after that. many thanks to everyone! i'm so honoured to be nearly @ 200 followers altogether now! superthanks!

and ... the winner of the $21.00 rikrak shopping spree is! #88..... the wonderful fleurfatale.
yay! i'm such a fan of this wonderwoman!

you might know her beautiful handmade work from her gorgeous shop (i'm a longtime fan!)

and her gorgeous blog is a thrill for the senses. (and her blog introduced me to this lovely song...hummingbird by cocoon! that i adore! thanks, nicey!)

and as i was creating this post, i found this wonderful article she wrote about her day on HeliS's amazing blog: need some encouragement? check out what one amazing mom & crafter can do in a day! it's so inspiring!

so congrats, fleurfatale!
and thanks to everyone who is following the rikrak studio blog.
you're all wonderful! i'm gonna do another followers giveaway in a little bit, so thanks!

(ps: don't forget about earth hour tonight! see you monday!)
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  1. ooooh, happy happy happy!!!!
    thanks so much!!! I am off to browse that wonderful shop of yours, and thanks ssoooooooooooo much for the feature! you are a sweetie!

  2. And what I forgot to tell, tommorow is my birthday, so this could not be a better moment to win this give-away, yipeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Big Congratulations Fleur, lucky girl:)

  4. She certainly does wonderful work! Happy Birthday Fleur and congratulations!

  5. Congrats Fleur, and Happy Birthday too :)

  6. Congrats on the win Fleurfatale! You have a lovely shop.

  7. Congrats Fleur!!and happy birthday too!!!


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