Friday, February 25, 2011

the art of the movie poster

some like it hot :: handz

inception :: swelser
little miss sunshine :: abstract by john taylor :: original by blt + associates


happy friday, lovelies!
what a week it's been!
and now... it's oscar weekend. yippee!

loving all these fab re-take movie designs : 
great art inspired by great films.

AND ...
check out this superdooper fun site *film the blanks* where artist john taylor abstracts classic movie posters. brilliant! you can play along & guess {sometimes offering fun prizes, too!}  love it.

so see you sunday on the red carpet looking fabulous & glamourous with your celebrity dates.
{i'll be the starlet with a beau on each arm: 
colin & george are all mine, nicies!}

who do you hope will WIN an oscar this year?

west side story :: abstract by john taylor :: original by saul bass
the sound of music :: abstract by john taylor :: original  by howard terpning
rain man :: monster gallery

best in show :: claudia varosio

once :: svanelli

harry potter :: the art of adam juresko

singin' in the rain :: the art of adam juresko

les parapluies de cherbourg :: funny face art

the empire strikes back :: handz

ghostbusters :: spacesick

objectified :: build :: via grain edit
the shining :: tes one :: via grain edit
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  1. Wow, all those are amazing!! call me geek but my faves are the Stars Wars one and Harry Potter's!!

  2. These are all gorgeous! Love the style. I remember learning about Saul Bass in Art College and falling in love.

    Good luck to your Firth on Sunday, btw!

  3. Those are brilliant! I love the limited color palettes and clean lines. Thank you for sharing. (I'm really digging the poster for "Some Like it Hot.")

  4. WOW! The Film In The Blanks ones are so cool!!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping Inception wins all it can on Sunday. So GOOD!

  5. i'm glad we're such kindred great-movie-poster lovers, cuties! yes to those clean lines, mrs.lmnop!

    and lori - that's so fun! i love his work, too!

  6. Oh I much I love these you put together here. Great job, love the style.

  7. This is an awesome collection. I love them. Great style!


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