Tuesday, February 22, 2011

with thanks

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oh lovelies!
thanks for being so gosh-darn great.

i have a bunch of overdue thanks to send out today.
first off... 
thanks to all of you. all of you who kindly read the blog, leave fun comments, play along and inspire me with your wise ideas and encouragements! you're the best, nicies!

sometime last week i hit 2000 google friend followers on the blog. woohoo! along with all you lovely *rss*feed-ers, email subscribers & other followers - that's such a thrilling #! thanks ever-so-much sweeties! it's a joy to know you're all here with me on the blog each day!


next up ... i'd like to say a BIG thanks to all of those nicies who feature my works so kindly in their beautiful treasuries on etsy! i very much appreciate you including my goodies! i think that is no doubt one of the most important/lucky things that has helped my business to grow to where it is today. i'm so thankful for that!

and a special shout out to those seen here below, who included me in treasuries that went to the front page on Etsy way way back in november (i somehow missed thanking you all!)  many thanks to:


thirdly (not a word, right? no worries!) .... thanks to the dear lovelies around the blogosphere:  i kinda don't know where to begin with all the thanks for the literally hundred-or-so  kind blog features of my rikrak eco stockings this past autumn & winter. to each of you who so kindly wrote about, blogged about, featured my work ... eternal thanks. it was an AMAZINGLY successful season of production and so much of that is due to the generosity of kind folks sharing my work with the world. so to the big sites, the growing blogs, the brand new nicies: many many thanks. the handmade community and our ability to cheer on one another is a fabulous thing indeed!

thanks to this dear handful 
who come to mind right away:  

apartment therapy 
apartment therapy again {so many thanks!}

hello craft
dog milk
sweet story press
interior life
handmade spark
sandy alamode
domestic ease
in honor of design
blomma finds
try handmade 
calico & co 
hoot design

kindly guest blog spot on the wonderful *oh my handmade* blog
{featuring editor jessika's fun *handmade olympic* pics!}

fourth ---> many thanks to you nicies out there for your lovely blog honours! it means the world to me! in the past few weeks i received 3 kind *stylish blogger* awards! many many thanks.

a special thanks to the lovely lovely vaida of VArt {such a lovely blog + i'm such a huge fan of her gorgeous handmade shop } ...
to the lovely domestic but not martha blog { so full of great energy & such vibrant blogger! }

and to the warm & wonderful creations by eve blog. {you're such a sweetie!}

i have to be honest ... i'm really bad at the next part : passing the baton ...

so ... since i'm so behind with these thanks , i thought i'd put the call out to all of you!

part of the award is sharing 7 things about me... so
you can read about 10 of my favourite things here. and i'll toss YOU the baton!

i thought it  would be fun to offer EACH of you a chance to share YOUR 10 favourite things OR 7 things about you, in keeping with the hopes of the award!

do a post (maybe you've already done one!) or link to a photo of something that's your favourite, LINK below and we'll all go visit!

can't wait to see yours!

and last but not least ... many thanks to all of you personal cheerleaders out there! as you might recall.. it's been a tough time of it of late in the rikrak family. i really appreciate your kind cheers & hugs. it was especially warming to get word from the lovely anna of *in honor of design* that she'd nominated my blog for *favorite handmade blog* in * the lovelies.* this really thrills me, nicey. thank you so much, anna. you really made my day.

and thanks to everyone who's taken a second to vote! it's really an honour just to be nominated! (but i do adore reading all of your kind voting comments! many thanks}

The Lovelies

{you can vote here!}


sorry it's so belated. 
but as my parents always taught me: it's never too late to say thank you!
big hugs & a superthanks to all of you, cuties!
hope your day is filled with gratitude. 
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  1. congrats on reaching 2000 followers! <3

  2. Congrats on 2000 followers!

    The funny thing about the FP treasury is that I truly created it just for my hubby to shop from! I'm still hoping for some stockings next year!

  3. thanks sweeties!

    freya - that's so fun! fingers crossed you'll get some rikrak stockings next year :)

  4. Well done on 2000 followers!

  5. aw what a sweet post, and congrats :-)


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