Thursday, February 10, 2011

the ekphrastic challenge { part six } : harris

:: lawren harris' beautiful *winter landscape with pink house* painting ::


bravo, superstars!
the 5th round of the ekphrastic challenge was met with fabulous nominations and suggestions! i just loved seeing your artistic interpretations of the art & the tones that create it!

so as requested: round #6!

today we're frolicking thru the snowy canadian forest on a bright & sunny blue skies february afternoon in lawren harris' beautiful *winter landscape with pink house* painting.

oh how it reminds me of the landscape near and dear to me here right now. such pretty hues, the snow resting so prettily & so gently on strong tree boughs. i love this time of year. 

so, here's the challenge for you:

using the idea of ekphrasis , a "graphic or artistic description/representation of a visual work of art" study the colours of the painting above, and/or the colour palette generated to match it (see above) . 

leave a link here to a handmade item of yours, (or another's) that is inspired by these colours + tones!

in about a week, i'll compile the suggestions and post them as our 6th collective response. 
---> just keep in mind, i'm looking for handmade works that fit the colour-palette of this piece! thanks.

so show me your late winter lovelies, nicies!

can't wait to see what you come up with!

and may your day be filled with gorgeous tones!
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  1. OOh I've missed this! So glad it's back!!

    How about - it`s pretty in pale pink from chelsea3349

  2. Yay :) yes me too :))

    maybe this one :))

    Take care and thanks so much for great support as always :)

  3. and her handmade :)

  4. What a fun idea!

    Here is one of my own:

    And from two very talented artists:

  5. looooove these!

    Okay, here's one of mine:

    Thanks K!

  6. great suggestions, lovelies! yay art!

  7. here's one:

    a more subtle one:


  9. hi,

    i have that one:

    greetings from europe :)

  10. Here is my submission: a new type of necklace with magnifying glass and organic fabric from daisy janie :-)

  11. The palette in that painting is lovely!!

    Here is my submission

    I just might have to go search for some more. :)


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