Friday, February 11, 2011

pot pourri

happy friday, cutiepies! got a bunch of things for you nicies!

fun news... my latest etsy storque article is up!

check out slinkymalinkicat's amazing ice fishing decoy collection!

(you might recall she was one of the first in my own collections series here on the blog, way back when!)

so head on over to etsy and leave kim a cheer if you can in the comments!

AND while you're at it ... i think i'm behind in telling you that the january edition of my Etsy series, featuring the lovely lovely Suzanna Scott & her instant collections is up on Etsy here. so pop over & say hi to Suzanna if you can, too!

yay collecting.


alrighty - 2 more things. 
in other fun news ... we have a winner!
congrats to the lovely love ardently { daily daydreams blog } who was's lucky number 46 ... and the WINNER of the beautiful IHOD $40 gift certificate giveaway! thanks so much to anna for the great prize, and be sure to visit the gorgeous gorgeous daily daydreams blog - i just love it! what a great new find: filled with beautiful images and wonderful handmade finds! yay!


last but not least... hope you'll tune in here monday ... for  the REVEAL {i can't WAIT!}  of the 2011 handmade olympics judges' shortlists! 

i've seen some of the lists already and you're gonna LOVE 'em!

have a glorious weekend, nicies!

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  1. SO much love....I'm going over to read the interviews of my fave Storque articles are yours!
    HUGS and have a great weekend.

  2. OOH! Off to read them. Love your articles on Etsy, RR!

    See you Monday! I'm ready to excercize my democratic rights!!!!!!!!!

  3. awww thank you so much!!! this has brightened up my friday!

  4. aw thanks sweetipies! much appreciated.

    hope you have a great weekend, too, char!

    look forward to your VOTING, anne!
    and so happy for you, ivana! many congrats!


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