Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the ice hotel

it sure is winter out there, kids!

so let's escape to a wintry ice hotel for a few nights and really embrace the cold. 
ever been to one? famous ones are created & handcrafted every year in quebec city, sweden and a host of other international sites.

love it in theory. it's an artistic wonderland!
{& isn't it the funnest that each year there's a whole new design? }
but brrrrr... that bed looks a wee bit chilly. 

lotsa cuddling, though, cuties! ;)


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  1. I really like to sleep in the cold - but I'm not sure I'd survive if it was THAT cold...

    What a neat place to go and visit!

  2. Well, before kids I was SO about to book a night in the Quebec one...and decided that being pregnant and staying in below 20 degrees of temperature...it MAY not have been so great...so no, not yet...but would LOVE to go!
    Have you?


  3. Hubby wanted to go - of course he is always warm. I think as long as my toes don't get cold I would be fine - it is beautiful!

  4. I watched this on TV once where they were showing how it's made. I would need a lot of vodka to stay warm :) But I will show this to my boys, they are going snow camping next weekend!

  5. My swedish girlfriend was just telling me about how she went to stay in one of these ice hotels. She said it was considered very chic and they had a lot of fun. I'm not sure I could cuddle enough to be willing to try it, though! Brrr!

  6. they are amazing, aren't they? but i agree, cuties - i don't know if i could handle the whole night :)

    char - :) good thinking :)

    snow camping = so fun, katie jean :)

    so fun, travelling - maybe if we all went and stuck together.

  7. My hubby went to an ice hotel for work, it did make me giggle when I saw his photos - in one of them there is a fire safety sign, it is an ice hotel for goodness sake :-)


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