Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*the pep rally* ... just for you.

cheerleader photograph postcard via TheStrangestThings

{gosh...  i've been feeling in need of a little *cheering *, and i had the hunch that maybe, just maybe ... some of you could use a little boost to the spirits too, nicies.
cause heck - life can be really really tough sometimes  - right? so here's a little *pep rally* for all of us, cuties. some of it new thoughts. some ideas you've  
so if you need a personal cheerleader today... i'm all yours ... here we go! ... }



*cueing the marching band!*
*grabbing the pompoms!*
*cheering into the megaphone!*

gimme an Y! ....
.... "y!"
gimme an O! ....
... "o"
gimme an U!

can do it!

we all need a little encouragement now and then.
i know i sure do.
in our daily lives, in trying something new, in getting through something old.

we all need a little pep talk.

nicies ... here's the thing ... you can do it. 
whatever you're facing. whatever you're struggling with. 
you can make it thru. 
we might need some extra helpers, some creative problem solving. but we can do it.

new year's resolutions may have come and gone. 
the skies may seem especially grey & cold & bleak right now as february opens.
but i really believe it's what's inside that counts. 
it's our attitude that can make all the difference in life & art.
believe in yourself, sweeties.
believe in your creativity & the possibility that surrounds us.

you can do it.
you can make the changes you want, and be the things you dream to be.
maybe not all in one day. but in little steps, in meaningful ways we can be and do and become the things we want! i know that's true. and along the way we can relish the little joys & good moments, too.

we can do it with each others help. with patience & love & reaching out & building our communities of support & cheer. 

my evidence: just think of all of the things in your life that you never thought you could do at some point, and then you DID it. you made it thru, you challenged yourself {or challenge just plopped itself down in your path } and then you just did it!

i know for me, sometimes i have to try something new to get to where i dream to be. 

and taking a risk or encountering extended difficult times: let's be honest  - these are scary things.
for certain it can be scary to put yourself out there. to try something new. to change. to find new ways. to do the thing we really want to do, but are afraid to fail at.

it's scary when obstacles litter our life paths. when bad stuff happens. when just making it thru the day can seem impossible!

i know you all know what i mean. 
i know some of you are there right now. 
in the deep dark difficult times. 
i mention all this right now for 2 reasons. first of all ...  cause there's a lot of difficult stuff happening here in the extended rikrak family these days. stuff we can work thru together as a family for sure, but really tough stuff none-the-less.

life's overwhelming sometimes, isn't it. 

there is so much good all around us. 
sometimes those good things seem pretty little, don't they, in comparison?  
and sometimes those good things like to hide themselves away when all the bad stuff comes to town, so they're tough to find, right? . 
it's like *hide n' go seek* when the rough stuff is all around.
but the good is there. we just gotta find it, and celebrate it.

and we can't do it all by ourselves. i don't think we  need to. 
i'm so thankful for the cheerleaders that surround me in my life: thru good & bad. thank you loves. you help me get thru all the tough stuff.
and i sure think we ALL need cheerleaders. 
who are yours? 
feeling low on cheerleaders in your life? 
or maybe in your art or craft? 
here's my advice: find some more!

lean on them & thank them & try your best to do the same cheering for them. 
that's my advice today.
{& i'm trying my best to do it, too! }

pattern via PrettyfulPatterns & vintage megaphones via vintageseventyfive

and one more thing ... 
the other reason for today's pep rally is because of the*handmade olympics*  - a celebration of things handmade - cause hey - we need more celebrations, don't ya think?

again this year, so many wonderful folks in the handmade community have mentioned to me their honest fears about nominating their own works in each event - or nervous about having the great judges see their goods, or not having the confidence to share their works with the world. i can appreciate that: FOR CERTAIN. 

there have been so very many times when i feel terribly nervous about the risk of sharing what i've handmade. when i'm not ready to show the world what i make, feel nervous about going to the next step with my creations, feel less-than-confident with something new in my own handmaking or blogging or coaching work in the world of handmade. 

BUT... sharing what you're making can be a great thing.  taking a little risk can take us to somewhere WONDERFUL AND NEW.

if you make something, i'd love to see it!
and i'm not the only one out there!
i firmly believe that creativity is inspired as we share our ideas!
so nominate some of your work! ... at the very least, you might feel more confident about your creations, your ideas, your creativity, your self! and i think that's the most important thing! small steps, sweeties. small steps.
believing in your own work, whether it's a craft, an art, your words, your ideas, your parenting, your daily 9-to-5 (or 7 am - midnight!) of a career, believing in yourself is surely a step toward finding happiness, isn't it?

i think so!

so get nominating (closes on friday feb. 4th of  this week!)
believe in your self!
show us the work you're proud of.
who knows - maybe it'll encourage you to make more things!
and hey - that's a great thing.

and encourage others in their creativity by nominating them. the cyber world, like the rest of the world,  can sometimes be a quiet and solitary place. knowing others are looking at and loving what you're making can make ANYONE's day, no matter how established they are!

and as my dear dear friend a. would say: be gentle on yourselves, lovelies.
so true. 

and beyond the handmade olympics... beyond art and handmaking.... whatever thing you want to do - you can do it, nicies!
- just put your mind to it! find a way!
today's a new day - and you can start again.
today you can reinvent yourself to be the thinker, doer, motivator, partner, mommy, daughter, creator, friend, soul, person you want to be. & that, in my opinion, is one of the great GREAT things about life!


*deep breath....*
*laying the pompoms down...*
*turning over a new leaf and challenging myself to make/do/try something new today!*

go team go!


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  1. Thanks, RR. I needed this today. Hugs to you, too. Hang in there and thanks for being OUR cheerleader!!! :>


  2. thanks sweetie.
    hugs & know i believe in you, L.

  3. Thanks K, this is what I needed today too. kudos for this and sending back some positive vibe your way!


  4. Beautiful.
    Thanks. I think I will have to check back to this post often :)

  5. What a gorgeous blog. Thanks so much for including our postcard in your graphics. It's so nice to be apart of such a positive piece.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed this post more than you know. This day (week?) has been filled with ups and downs and challenges around every corner.

    Thank you for being such a bright spot, xo

  7. 'like' :)
    Onwards and upwards

  8. You wrote this so nicely and emotionaly...thank you. Encourage many of us.
    Hugs from Europe♥

  9. This was an excellent pep talk for my morning, thank you!

  10. thank you so much for your post!

    I needed to read exactly what you said. I didn't even realize how gray and heavy sky above my head is today.
    Or was.

    Thank you!

  11. thank you what a great way to start my day!

  12. i really really appreciate your lovely words & kind well wishes, nicies.

    feelin' lotsa great love from your notes & messages. thanks!

    & sending hugs back to all of you cuties. you can do it! :)


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