Monday, May 3, 2010

2 + 108!

happy monday, sweetiepies!
hope you had a great one!

{we went to a fabulous wedding, and gosh... was it ever a superfun! yay love! yay dancing!}

to start things off this week... we have 2 lucky winners to announce!

yay to our final two eco week giveaway luckies!

i just have to say, thanks to everyone who made eco week such a grand & delightful success!

without further ado... thanks so much to green couch designs for hosting eco week giveaway #6 ... a pair of gorgeous wall pockets! choose a number! yay goes to #2 (number 2! yay early birds, again!!!) ... sly raccoon! what a sweet, upcycled shop sly raccoon has! great repurposed textile wares and a lovely blog, too! be sure to check them out! congrats!

and the winner of our karen meyers purse giveaway ... lucky # 108 ... steph! stuff by steph is a wonderful handmade shop ... and she's such an active fundraiser and community organizer for so many great causes! love that! so visit her handmade papercrafts shop here, for lots of great projects on the go!

so there we have it, nicies!
7 days.
7 fabulous eco artists!
7 great giveaways!
hope you enjoyed it.
and tune in soon for another great giveaway you won't want to miss!

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