Thursday, May 27, 2010

my pretend home: {element 1} the glass wall

glass wall via


glass wall home by john lautner architects via


the frank lloyd wright fallingwater home


it may be all the lego fantasy homes i build these days or my happy chance to work-from-home every day, but gosh i could day-dream away a week or two designing my dream home in my mind! so here's a fun new feature on the blog: my pretend home. each installment focusing on a fun designerly element i adore.

i'd love to hear an element from yours too!
yay dreams!


element one: the glass wall

walls of glass ... practical in a home design? not likely.
a life without curtains feasible? hardly.
would i really like the non-privacy of it all for the family rikrak? doubtful.

but oooh oooh oooh the natural-light lovin' photographer in me would love to have walls of beautiful glass that look out onto inspiring scenes.
{yes - i think the precursor of the glass walled dream home is a visually inspiring view - otherwise eek to that!}

love the fresh, modern, minimalist stylings of these lovelies. suits me just fine!

think 1960's californian oceanside glass home with a dash of the frank lloyd wright fallingwater house meets urban city loft-o-light with lots and lots of windows.

there... now i've got my walls up!
how 'bout you?

play along!
what's one element you'd love in your dream home?


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  1. amazing! i just got pretend home envy :)

  2. beautiful. i want to live in them all :)

  3. I love this new feature, so fun! And I love glass walls... although I'd have to hire someone to clean them! *lol*

    Right now my big dream is a home with a backyard walkout {into a backyard living room}, right now we only have front & side doors... so not fun.

  4. oh wow wouldnt any of those make amazing studios/workshops all that natural light mmmmmm sigh x

  5. I have pretend home envy, too! I LOVE the glass walls!!

  6. Can I come live in your pretend home with you? ; )

  7. WOW! I didn't know I needed glass walls. But now I DO!

    Gorgeous. Love this new feature, too.

  8. Hello,

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    Thank you,

    Angela and Sarah Spoto

  9. Oh my! I'd love to have just one room that had glass walls... something that allowed us to see nature 24 hours a day... sigh...

    And MOOPS studio... wow what a space! :)

  10. ah, thanks for your *pretend home* envy, nicies- there are enough glass walls to go around! :)

    a backyard walkout would be wonderful, rj!

    oh and i totally agree, anna - the perfect studio, indeed - that's coming next!

    yes camille - you can ALL come live with me in my pretend home. it has 100s of rooms - just for all of you!

  11. Great feature! The daytime me LOVES the glass wall and all the light it lets in. The fraidy-cat me that comes out at night would always be wondering which ax murderer was lurking out in the dark...

  12. You hit my "architectural point" completely! :))
    It's all I dream about when I dream about our future home!
    Curtains?Privacy? No problem - I always imagine the house on a huge green property and lots of trees around it!

  13. Fantastic post! I LOVE glass walls and they would be my very first choice for my dream home, oh the natural light! *sigh*

    I loose whole weekends watching Grand Designs :)

  14. what a fabulous dahling pretend home you have! they seem so free, where your thoughts can soar. my little pretend is a glass-walled bedroom suite that exits to a fabulous dahling private courtyard with a sunken tub, drifting fabric and cozy furniture....sigh.

  15. These "walls of windows" are spectacular. They allow so much light, it must feel like living outside!

  16. i so want a glass wall, too! really, i'd like a glass wall in two rooms - the big living room and our bedroom - they're on the same outside wall facing our gorgeous view to the south. just can't convince the husband!


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