Thursday, May 6, 2010

kids week 2010

{adorable bunny by shiny happy world!}

::::::::::::::::::::> UPDATE! <:::::::::::::::::::::

be sure to enter all of the KIDS WEEK giveaways!

1. WIN a moozle home stuffie, here.
2. WIN a *my beautiful girl designs* prize pack, here.
3. WIN 6 REusable snack baggies by BananaSaurusRex, here.
4. WIN a kids prize pack from Claire & Me, here.
5. WIN a beautiful eco mobile from Babongo Home, here.
6. 6. WIN a fabulous eco-softie by Shiny Happy World, here.


well kiddies!
get ready for another WEEK of giveaways!
with the funfun success of ECO week last month...
starting monday may 10 (just after mother's day! yay!) we'll be cheering on all the little kiddies out there
& meeting 6 fabulous artists handmaking for the wee ones of the world!

that's right.
6 days.
6 kiddie artists.
6 fabulous giveaways!

so be sure to visit monday for the first giveaway!
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