Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my mommy & me

i sure love that amazing mom of mine.
so i was super honoured to be included in this wonderful Etsy mother's day post by the fabulous daniellexo: sharing what wisdom we've learned from a mothering figure that contributed to our indie business successes!

there are oh-so-many things i can directly thank my mom for about that! thought you might enjoy the BIG one that stands out in my mind: trying to be KIND!
indeed! that idea helps me everyday in work, and LIFE!

and yep. that's my beautiful mommy & me in the photo ... back when i was selling seashells with glued on googley eyes as my first indie business! :)

thanks mom, for all of the amazing things you do!

read all of the inspiring tales here on etsy's the storque!

yay moms!

how about you?
what's something inspiring that your mothering figure taught you that has helped you with your own life/indie business/craft/day-to-day?

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  1. Ha! So cute, RR! Your mom must be very proud of you.

    My mom always encouraged me I could do anything. I try to teach my children that.

  2. How cute photo of you! And you do look like your mother :-)

    My mother has passed away, but she did inspire me in some way after her death...to do this photo series about the life in cemetery :-)

    I have two parts now, and I need two more...

  3. An adorable photo, RR...
    My Mum definitely instilled a hard work ethic in me. It's pretty difficult for me to not be constantly DOING something now.

    Happy Mother's Day to you too, I hope it was terrific!


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