Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST art

so long.
this weekend the iconic television show LOST wraps up... and *sigh* i've fallen in love with this amazing LOST art!

now... you might recall that i didn't even know who *sawyer* was in one of our slumber parties last year. alas.
{ i know. i know.}
but i do know i LOVE this art!

designed by Mattson Creative,(gosh - i just love everything i've seen of theirs!) i just love that graphic style and those colours! bravo!

i think this is an excellent example of really really wonderful iconic pop art: you don't have to be a fan to see the designerly brilliance here!

so well done!

are you a lost fan?

what do you love about the show?
what are some of your hopes for the finale?
(i do now know enough about lost to guess that some of your hopes might include
YOU riding off into the islandy sunset with sawyer or jack ...sigh!)

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  1. Have you not seen LOST yet, RR? HA!

    These are great. I'm hoping for less dying, more happy, thoughtful endings for the finale. We'll see!!!!!

    (I'll take Sawyer, BTW!!!!!)

  2. :) okay - first dibbs for you, lori!

    anyone for jack?

  3. These are great.

    Ha we were just having the Sawyer vs. Jack debate at work. Sawyer is awesome, but I for some reason like Jack...hmm, lol :)

  4. Oh!! I love all of this LOST art!! :D It's absolutely fantastic! :D

  5. perfect: so lori & sawyer.
    papersquid & jack.

    and michele - i'm glad we're kindred lovers of this art! :) glad to hear things are going so great with your own rockin' art, nicey!

  6. These are fabulous. I love that first one. I see they're for sale in the shop!

  7. These are amazing.
    I cannot believe this show is ending today :[

    I don't feel a thing for Jack but Sawyer makes me feel all funny inside ;]


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