Thursday, May 20, 2010

lucky numbers 80, 427, and 51!

well it's like a bonanza of winnings here on the blog this week! yippee to that!

we've still got 4 superFUN KIDS WEEK giveaways to draw, so hurry on over to each of those to enter! yay!


1. ends today! --> WIN 6 REusable snack baggies by BananaSaurusRex, here.
2. ends tomorrow! --> WIN a kids prize pack from Claire & Me, here.
3. WIN a beautiful eco mobile from Babongo Home, here.
4. WIN a fabulous eco-softie by Shiny Happy World, here.


now... let's see who are lucky winners are today!

thanks so much to everyone who participated! and thanks to for the numbers!

first up, the winner of the moozlehome stuffie giveaway is #80.... samy of princess samy: love love love this great vintage shop. i think i need those kind of FUN red dancing shoes! woowee! congrats nicey!

next up.... thanks to the amazing cheers for all of my lovely sponsors! congrats to #427 who WON the *i love my sponsors* shopping spree giveaway! the lucky winner is AC ... of adina illustrations!

isn't her work lovely?
adorable illustrations for the home, the kiddies, fashion and more! check it out!

you've won yourself a $25 shopping spree! wee!!!!

and our third LUCKY winner today is #51... gingerale shop .... who has won the *my beautiful girl designs* prize pack! another supercute shop!

just love her children's outfits! so very very sweet! check them out!

gosh - we sure do have a lot of talented folks reading the rikrak studio blog!
cheers to that!

so be sure to enter the remaining 4 giveaways!

and superthanks to everyone.

yay giveaways!
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  1. Yay! Thank you so much and congratulations to the other winners. ^.^



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