Thursday, September 10, 2009

kissing friends

:::: us :::

sixteen years ago tonight was an especially auspicious evening.
mr. rikrak & i met.
at a funfun frosh week party.
great music playing. fun friends surrounding. laughs & tales aplenty.

he & his friends delightfully charming uninvited guests.
me & my friends soon smitten.
long long walks, great great talks
& i'm lucky to say, we became the dearest of friends almost instantly.

i love you, sweetie.

how did you & your love meet?
or... what would be your ideal way to meet a kissing friend?
i'd love to hear.
here's to kissing friends.


{ps: something very fun is happening for mr. rikrak tomorrow!
so please keep your fingers crossed for him! thanks, nicies!}
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  1. aw, the sweetness :) congratulations and best wishes to both of you, and i wish mr. rikrak every success!

  2. we a pub actually. i was shooting pool, and he was admiring my game. he still remembers what i was wearing, and i remember being thrilled that the most handsome guy in the place was interested in me. he's still the most handsome.

  3. Such a sweet photo and story, RR. It's a pleasure knowing you two in the "recent" love years!!

    As you know, we met at my cousin's wedding. He was wearing such a crazy suit. I KNEW I just had to get on the dance floor with HIM!!!!

    Good luck tomorrow, Mr. RR!

  4. Mrs mountain and I met on the internet (not a dating site)
    almost 13 years ago

  5. aww so sweet. what a lovely memory. happy 16 years and many many more. :)

  6. * Taking notes! *
    ;) Many more anniversaries to you both!

  7. My kissing friend interviewed me for a job! *Scandalous* I got the job...and he asked me out multiple times before I finally agreed to go out with him a couple of months after him asking. We are now the best of friends and I couldn't live without him!

    Happy anniversary!

  8. I tried to sell Mr. Paisley some life insurance 20 years ago - one of my past careers!

  9. so sweet! Congrats!

    My other half and I actually met 14 years ago in high school in an English class. We became great friends, and 6 years later we went on our first date :)

  10. ah thanks, sweeties!
    you nicies are the loveliest!
    love hearing your meeting tales!

  11. Frosh week?! That's pretty cute! I'm still on the lookout for mine. Know any sexy billionaires?

  12. Thanks... you've just reminded me that my 5 year wedding anniversary is in 8 days :) I'm sure I would have totally forgotten.

    Here is the short (least complicated) way of how I met my kissing friend. We met in grade 10 computer class, but didn't become best buds (we were only friends) until 11th grade art class. We spent all of our time together for the next 5 years until I went to Switzerland to be a nanny for a year. After one year I invited him to be a nanny as well for a family down the road from us. He came to Switzerland... fell in love with me and 10 years later we have 2 beautiful children and are still best friends to this day.

    I am truly blessed to have married my best friend <3

  13. This is so sweet!

    Me and my man met on the L-train in Chicago. We were both going to the same punk rock show. He was with an ex-girlfriend and I was with my boyfriend at the time. We stayed internet friends for 3 years, then I became single and I wanted to travel... so I flew out here to Philly on a whim. The rest was history!

  14. So sweet. Best of luck Mr. Rikrak!

    My husband (ahem, kissing friend) and I met when I was a junior in high school and he was a freshman in college. My twin and I were touring our future college campus and ran into him and a friend.

    Fast forward two years--now I was a freshman (in college) and he was a junior. He and that same friend were the game leaders at our InterVarsity freshmen retreat.

    One of the games they had us play ended up breaking my thumb so, naturally, he felt badly and had to check on me.

    Instant friendship for 2 years, then dating, then marriage 2 months after I graduated from college.

    Ahh, kissing friends.

  15. This post gave me some warm fuzzies.

    I met him at dinner my freshman year of college almost 16 years ago My friend whispered that she wanted to date him when he went for a drink re-fill and a fateful discussion of what kind of girl he liked transpired. He asked me out the next day.

    We said we were just friends, but we couldn't stop kissing each other.

    13 years of marriage, 3 babies, too many moves, so many many kisses.

  16. Mega congrats to mister Rikrak!!! ;)

    and super love n' hugs to you both. so sweet. I can feel the love all the way over here.

    my mister and I met when we worked on the set of 'I, Robot' as painters. I met him a number of times later on in many different places.He was the only person to laugh when I got sassy with him.. and he wound up being my 'last man standing'..the sole human who stood by my side as my world fell apart.
    I knew that he was a one of a kind human being by then.

  17. Congrats to you both! Sixteen years of kissing = YAY!

    Looking for love "in all the wrong places" here. I like your inspiring story, Rikrak!

  18. Congratulations!

    My love and I met in a bar. I didn't want to go out that night, I really didn't, but a friend felt sad and needed a talk, so I went along with her.

    He didn't want to go out that night, he had to study, but a friend was feeling sad and needed some distraction, so he went along with him.

    I never believed in love at first sight, until I met him. Since that evening, we hardly spent a day or night without eachother. This was almost 12 years ago.

  19. hmm I have a feeling that I was perhaps present on this fun frosh evening mentioned in your story

    I met my husband in high school, he sat beside me in math class and flirted with me by playing with the hair on the back of my neck.. we were friends for a couple of years and started dating in grade 12.. our first kiss was on a four-wheeler


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