Monday, September 21, 2009

handmade sister cities {part 3}: london, england & moscow, russia


row one
white blossom felt corsage by AAliciaAccessories : london
back to nature by Shkolnik: moscow
step square ring by
elizabethyeap: london

row two
25 watches print by janicej: london
manhattan poster by claudiavarosio: london
russian valenki felt boots by rusvalenki: moscow

row three
gingham full circular skirt by
Rosieleeclothing: london
nuno felted wrap by JaneBoFelt: moscow
gold hoop chain by KissedJewellery: london

row four
popopad by popopad: moscow
carpet buffalo by
JuliaFelt: moscow
ice slice by FeltedPleasure: moscow


oh how i've always loved the idea of sister cities.

two great places, joined over sea & sky by the idea of common cultural & commercial ties.
this new rikrak studio series explores 2 sister cities @ a time,
and some of the handmaking lovelies that they share!
be sure to visit the other handmade sister cities posts here.


handmade sister cities #3
london, england & moscow, russia
what wonderfully fabled capital cities these two are!
so steeped in lore & history & great tales!
i can think of dozens of great stories that capture my imagination from both places... & such great handmaking traditions, too!

have you been to either of these fabulous capitals? i'd love to hear your own tales.i've loved seeing the fabulous sights in london, & look forward to exploring moscow one day.

does your city have an official twinned city/sister city?

i'm always looking for great handmade sister cities to feature!

have a great monday, lovelies. & just another day to enter my big sponsors shopping spree giveaway! & don't forget to add your own outfit ideas to this post here...
i'll be making up the article this week & would love to feature you!

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  1. OOOH! I too would love to visit Moscow one day. I agree - it is a fable-filled capital. I've got the travel bug now!

  2. My family is from Ukraine - I'd love to take a trip to western Europe!

  3. Love these posts. Do mine - Vancouver!!!

  4. What a great idea!
    I've been to London a couple of times. I'd love to go to Moscow.

  5. Thanks for including me in London! This is a great post!

  6. I spent a summer in Moscow way back when! It was wonderful. I'd love to take my family back there one day.

    Great finds,RR!

  7. Nice idea and beautiful collection! Thank you for this lovely feature! And I defenitely must visit London!)

  8. Hi, I’m Femi, I am an artist; doing my masters now. Gosh, i really love what u are doing with your blog, are u an artist or photography? Your blog is really creative and unique too; for I like the photographic expressions, it gives life to your blog,i really love your works.keep it up and never give up; for the sky is your limit. You could check out my own blog, its You could leave your comment there. Keep up the dream! Please reply in English. Thanks and stay blessed!!!


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