Wednesday, September 16, 2009

challenge: let's see your festival look!

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it's that time of year again!
when i don my loveliest frocks & head off to the glamourous toronto interntional film festival (tiff) on the arm of my favourite handsome hollywood filmstars to walk that red red carpet.

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or at least in my pretending world.

so here are 6 two-part outfits i've collected {a girl can never have too many different looks, right?... there are dozens of premieres throughout the festival, you know! }

and i've got a little challenge for you.

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i'd love to know what YOU would wear.


1. choose a fun frock (or something else)

2. choose a fun accessory for the look.

3. cut & paste a direct link where i can find each item on the net into your comment.

4. make as many 2-part outfits as you'd like (feel free to include goodies from your own work, too, if you' like!)

5. next week i'll include as many of your featival looks as i can in a follow up post, and i'll be sure to link to your lovely shop/site, too! great free advertisting for creative, dressed-to-the-nines YOU!

6. and hey... if there are LOTS of entries, i'll get my generator to pull a few for us to see!


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can't wait to see what you'll be wearing...
we'll both look GREAT on the red red carpet!

let the festival looks begin!

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::: how to get the looks! ::::

festival look 1
recycled vintage negatives earrings by tomatedepingles
magic moonlight fiesta dress by AidaCoronado

festival look 2
blue halter drape dress by larimeloom
bronze goddess vintage & recycled bracelet by alexkeller

festival look 3
vintage wiggle dress via LouLousVintage
vintage designer pumps via EmeraldLove

festival look 4
garbo blue earrings by nancywallisdesigns
eco-friendly bamboo jersey gown by econica

festival look 5

mae salvaged hat comb by whichgoose
white gown by amandaarcher


festival look 6
canary dress in layered chiffon by hollystalder

midas ring by cookoorikoo


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  1. k! thanks so much for using one of my bracelets! you are going to look smashing on the red carpet :)

  2. what a lovely idea!
    yay red carpets!
    my date is Johnny Depp, by the way... dont tell his wife!

  3. amazing combinations! very classy and testful! thank you so much for featuring Econica.

  4. Cute! Okay, I'm going to play. I'd wear this gorgeous dress

    with this beautiful ring!!!

    Sorry .tomate. - Johnny Depp's with ME! Hands off!!!!!

  5. So pretty, great pics! Here's one to add:

    1. Hair Pin Set from Fussed:

    2. Peacock Feather Dress from Circular Accessories:[]=tags&includes[]=title

  6. here are emmarts that she sent along to me!

    the orange dress
    plus shoes

    or this blue one
    plus shoes

    thanks, emmarts!

  7. I LIKE your looks! I especially love that #4.

    I'll be wearing sequins from head to toe!!!!


    for me.

    I'd love to go with Dennis Quaid!

  8. Thanks so much for adding my dress design to the selection:)

    my pics for the red carpet (of course I have to represent my dresses:)

    Silk Dress, custom color:

    with this Gorgeous necklace!

    This is fun!!

  9. What a great idea!!! There is too much outfit I want to submit... sorry, I can't choose :o)

    1- dress:

    with earrings:

    2- dress:

    with shoes:


    with bracelet:

    That's all :o) Have fun!!!

  10. oh boy!

    this is the dress:

    these are the shoes:

    and I would make my own super special bracelet!

  11. You have made lovely combinations with all this gorgeous pieces collected from Etsy for your red carpet film festival!
    I am sure all of us would look stunning on any of this dresses, shoes, and special accesories and jewelry, no matter who is in our arm ;)

    With every single piece you have made a wonderful combination of style and art at the same time, I love many of the designers you listed, and absolutely loved your style ideas.

    and let's play!
    I would love to wear this Mexican vintage dress:

    with this beautiful ethnic turquoise necklace by

    and definitely I would love to wear tomatedepingles vintage earrings with the Magic Moon Maxi dress! I will wait for a film festival on town or special occasion!

    Many thanks Rikrak for your ideas and featuring us in your blog.

    Loves and big hugs from Mexico
    Aida Coronado

  12. I would like to wear this dress....

    with these earrings....

    FANTASTIC post! As always your blog is the most fun! :)


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