Wednesday, September 16, 2009


what a wonderful bunch-o-nicies you all are!

thanks so much to everyone who entered my little birthday giveaway! and superthanks for your kind words and birthday cheers!

well... as promised... there was a funfun $50.00 shopping spree up for grabs in my shop! so without further ado.... kindly chose a winner for us… and congratulations goes to #36... the lovely lovely joey&aleethea!

woowee! i was so excited to see you as the winner, nicey. the brilliant woman behind joey&aleethea was one of the first people to purchase something from my etsy shop... yay!

if you're not already familiar with her lovely work, be sure to visit her superfun boutique for all things handmade for the kidlets.. .including supercute outfits, bibs, onesies, burpcloths and lots lots more! and she's a real nicey! so congrats to you, sweetiepie!

she's a funfun mommy & she crafts a fabulous blog, too. .. you can catch all the fun here.

so thanks for entering, and happy shopping spree to you, joey&aleethea.

and no worries nicies... there's still time to enter & win my NEW giveaway... where you can enjoy a $25.00 shopping spree in anyone of my sponsors' shops! yay!


come back in a few hours when i'll be launching a fun new *challenge* f

or you to participate in! see you then!

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  1. Lucky you! Congratulations. If you can't spend it all, let me know! HA! ;.>

  2. Aaaahhhh!!!!! I won I won!!!! I am SOOOOO excited!!! Thank you so much!!! It is so difficult deciding what I want from your lovely shop!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

    And thank you for the offer JenT, hehe...I think I'll manage. :D


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