Thursday, September 17, 2009

what i'm working on: baby quilts


yes indeed. i'm working on lots & lots of little baby quilts these days. seems like it's another wonderful time when lots of friends are having sweet little babies & little quilted playmats are one of my very favourite things to design & create!

so that's what i'm working on...
how about you? what are you working on these days?
i'd love to hear.

a few of the little rikrak playmats and baby quilts i made last year.
you can always see what i'm up to on my flickr photo account. :)
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  1. I just wanted to say that little truck quilt is amazing!
    Did you do it by hand or by machine? I like all the little swirls stitched in too!

  2. I'm making a baby quilt, too (my first quilt ever - hope it turns out ok!).

    I'll definitely be checking out your Flickr for inspiration ;)

  3. oooh... those are so cute!! It's funny how the little ones seem to arrive in waves.. i love making little baby blankets too.

    Right now I'm doing a lot of dyeing of upcycled yarns and making lots of fingerless gloves & spinning more yummy yarns!!

  4. Those are so beautiful, RR! Fortunate friends you have!!!!

  5. what lovely creations! i'm going to a baby shower in just over a week - maybe i'll work on one for the holiday...

  6. Soooooo cute!

    I'm working on Christmas items and about a million other ideas that have been roaming through my brain for much too long! Oh to have more time in the day!


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