Monday, September 28, 2009

let's make: a wallpaper, a book, a vote & a song

Picnik collage

happy monday, sweeties.

well... poor, poor monday.
it always seems to get a bad rap.
so i've rounded up 4 fun things for us to do today! let's have some fun!

{and don't forget to enter my kootsac reusable bags giveaway on now here on the blog! one more fun thing to do!}


let's make: wallpaper
love designing?
love playing with colours?
love patterns and shapes?

the other day i came across Alluminare, a fun & fabulous wallpaper design site! drop everything and go directly to this fabulously interactive workshop (BEWARE: i found it wonderfully addictive!) where you can design & colour your own fun wallpapers, patterns, etc. for your home or office, and then, if you wish, have the company make them for you!
fun fun! {editors note: i didn't buy any paper... i just delighted in playing with the patterns!}

i found this site thru the fabulous designhole who is having a great wallpaper contest on her blog {where you can win 20 square feet of the wallpaper you just designed!}... so head on over there, too!


: let's make: a song
i heard that today launches cbc radio2's fun new contest: the great canadian song quest ... to answer the question: what place in canada deserves its own song?

you can nominate your fave canadian place... and the winning places will have songs commissioned for them, handcrafted by amazing canadian songster superstars we nominate! yay!

good golly! love it!
go canada!


#3: let's make: a book
thought you might like the fabulous artmind's great tutorial on how to make fabulous little scrap paper books - it's sooo fun! and highly highly addictive! let's go make one! heck... let's make 20!


: let's make: a vote
last but not least, the wonderful TransCanada Etsy Team has launched our very first monthly challenge... it's a fun Autumn theme! so come on over to the Team blog, check out all of the fabulous handmade entries, and vote for your favourite!

ahem.... #1 sure is cute, eh?
hint hint.... pinecone eco bib... hint hint...

thanks! :)

see you tomorrow, sweeties! have a great making monday!
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  1. love the 'Make wallpaper' awesome is that!

    I voted for the 'chocolate'

  2. Thanks for all of the fun, RR!
    I'm nominating Guelph!!!

  3. Fun post, but I think it's going to seriously hamper my efforts to get off the computer, LOL! Off to look at the wallpaper site now.

  4. Thank you for the nice mention! I am so happy to see the lovely comments and to know that everyone enjoys our wallpaper designer!

    We strive to make it fun! Stay tuned---a new way to interact with design is coming shortly. It will be so much fun for everyone! :)

  5. oh my goodness... I should not have clicked on! That wall paper site is going to turn me into a hermit.
    AWESOME! Thank you :)

  6. oh heavens yes, deb & chakra! isn't it fun! & addictive! :)

    that's wonderful, alluminare! can't wait to see it!

  7. that wallpaper link is neat! thanks!!


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