Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my children are turning 25 today!

isn't this the most amazing collection of cabbage patch kids? wow!!
pegasus57's amazing "nursery."


happy september, lovelies!
i adore adore adore this month! it's my very fave.
filled with the promise of greaty things, crisp air, back to school fun,
and lovely lovely colours!
last night i was thinking aloud with mr. rikrak about a funny thing that september 1st always brings to mind.

long before i was mommy to our darling little rikrak,
i was mommy to two other little sweeties.
yes, my first foray into mommying was to my dear
little cabbage patch kids, katie & kourtney.

september 1st was, as i recall, all classic cabbage patch kids' birthdays.
so happy birthday, katie & kourtney and all of your classic 80's friends! ah... today my little ones turn 25! that's right, i've been mommying for 25 years! so hard to believe they've grown up so fast! it seems like just yesterday i was dressing them in great neon fashions from 1985 and decorating their yarny hair!

and doesn't it seem like just yesterday that north american parents were seemingly clamouring for a doll for their child! remember the bedlum?
(i read that originally, cabbage patch kids were all handmade
made entirely of cloth and sold @ craft fairs! fun! )

so cheers to all the cabbage patch mommies & daddies out there!
happy birthday to your little one.
did you have a cabbage patch kid?
i'd love to hear all about them!


vintage butterick cabbage patch kids clothing pattern via brighterfusion's shop!
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  1. Wow! This takes me back. I had a Cabbage Patch doll, she still lives at my parents'. She had an all cloth body; even the face.
    I also had a pair of Cabbage Patch Slippers; that's right, with heads on them, very bizarre ;-D

  2. oh, my goodness! so many little faces, so many little outfits!

  3. my babies still live with me. Joseph Eldon loves rides in the car, and wants to be a truck driver. He came to me in Port Hope Ontario, all the way from Montreal!

    Sandra Adelina loves brights colours, and wants to be an artist. She was adopted in Port Hope, by a nice family friend, just for me!

    Once, while visiting my grandparents, Sandra and Joseph got in to a scuffle. With one big shove from Sandra (courtesy of my older sister) Joseph's head popped off!

    I was devastated. But my grandpa, the handy guy, used some wire, and got Joseph's head back on...he was better than new. Because now, his head can swivel 360 degrees, and he will always see Sandra coming!

  4. I still have mine. My little girl plays with Trixie (has the red yarn hair which one year I decided to make into dozens of tiny braids and it's been that way ever since). She also has a Cabbage Patch Kids pillow case on her bed - I don't know whatever happened to the rest of the bedding. I loved my Cabbage Patch kids, so we made sure to purchase one for our daughter on her very first birthday.
    Thanks for bringing up some fun memories!

  5. You're funny, RR!
    THat IS an amazing collection of little ones.
    I never had one, but always wanted one.
    I guess it's never too late.

  6. Oh my - that's a whole lotta cabbage patch kids!

    I think mine are packed away in mom's basement somewhere... I had two, an original (which my mom went through heck & back to surprise me with, thanks mom!) and a cornsilk... sadly I don't recall their names.

  7. so nice to hear from you other cabbagepatchy mommies out there! i feel neglectful of katie & kourtney: they might have to come live upstairs at our place now! :)


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