Friday, September 18, 2009

hokey dinah!

a gorgeous little glimpse, thanks to the onion on flickr.
{sorry, no usb cable to upload my own yet!}
hokey dinah!

is there anything better than a rockin' concert?
following on the heels of yesterday's *what i'm working on... * post, thought you might be keen to see what i was doing yesterday when i wasn't working

... that's right. DANCING!
@ the fabulous fabulous U2 360 show in toronto.

heavens to betsy... it was fantastic!
{a funfun little surprise bday gift from mr. rikrak! so fabulous!}

with the skydome (i refuse to call it rogers centre! it's the young growing-up-in-southern-ontario-an-in-the 90's-and-lovin'-the-blue-jays in me!) roof open, the stars blazing, 65000+ dancing fans, and with just about 10 folks between me & mr. rikrak and bono...
let's just say it was alllllll things wonderful.

my oh my!

{ and the handmade lover in me was lovin' bono's rockin' patchwork-y jacket! }

going to see any fun live music shows soon?
which one(s)!
and have a rockin' weekend, lovelies! {don't forget to enter my sponsors giveaway here. they're all rockin', too!}
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  1. Thanks for being the best date ever, Mrs. RikRak! Still have vertigo!

  2. Hey, I was there with my husband, too - great concert. I thought they sounded amazing live!

  3. I've seen them here in Amsterdam and they rocked indeed!! Glad you had such a fantastic time together. Dates rule :-)

    Groet! xo Simone

  4. so fun that you got to see u2! wish i had been there dancing, too

  5. What a fabulous time! I saw them during their POP tour years ago and they put on such an awesome show! Glad you had fun!


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