Friday, January 9, 2009

let's make: nature-inspired goodies

thanks for all of the wonderful entries into the coasters giveaway! i love reading about everyones' favourite teapots, the special stories behind them, and about your own wonderful collections! keep them coming! the coasters contest is open until noon EST jan. 15.

i saw this fun eco-friendly promo yesterday on the wonderful Craft zine site: the Sewing with Nature Contest! it's brought to you by super SINGER and the delightful Craft.

the prizes are WONDERFUL (like a SINGER machine, dress forms, Craft subscriptions and even a possible feature in the magazine!) and it has a great nature-inspired theme! so how about creating something eco-wonderful and just see where it might take us! afterall... it's a wonderful new year with wonderful new things ahead! so... what are you thinking of making? so many nature-inspired possibilities!
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  1. OOOOhhhhhhhhh! That looks great - thanks for the heads up, Rik!

  2. I've tagged you! Go on my blog to see what you need to do



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