Wednesday, January 21, 2009

great green-ies: fiveforty

greening.... i find it exciting and hopeful that while there sure are lots of terrible things going on to pollute our planet, there are so many wonderful folks doing fabulous things to help make the world a greener, healthier place! so, the rikrak studio is happy to feature great green-ies : snapshots of amazing, inspiring. eco-forward-thinking folks from all sorts of fields and paths in the greening movement. some inspire by greening at home, or in their business; in their art or the larger world, or on many levels at once! i've asked each green-ie to suggest an easy eco-idea or tip we might all be able to add to our daily lives. today i'm honoured to present the next in this series!

for me, it's a real honour when i get to meet a wonderful cheerleader: someone who cheers on others and lends encouragement to all! one fabulous cheerleader i've come to admire in the handmade world is the wonderful and generous Pegg of fiveforty! i first met fiveforty in the ever-friendly, daily, Canadian buy n' sell thread in the Etsy Forums. i could fast see her kindess, consideration and warmth emerge thru her friendly posts!

and her amazing eco. art was just beautiful! i was a fast fan! her one--of-a-kind, handmade, handwoven rag rugs are just gorgeous! and to hear her wonderful weaving tales - it just amazes me! her
strength of heart (and strength of body with that rigorous weaving - she's been weaving for over 20 years!) is so inspiring!! and her use of recycled used textiles to make her fabulous rugs, as well as beach pebbles and gemstones in her lovely handmade jewelry, make her a truly great greenie!

so here's to you, pegg! thanks for showing us the beauty in recycling thru your gorgeous rugmaking; your kind kind heart as you inspire your many friends, and your generous soul as you cheerlead your fellow handcrafters! from one of your many fans, thanks! be sure to visit her lovely shop and blog!

and here's an eco.tip from Pegg!

"Our community does not have recycling... pooey... we do compost year round, we garden organically, using our compost. So I recycle our waste vegetable, plant, leaf..matter... and it turns into gorgeous rich wonderfulness for our gardens!"

thanks so much, Pegg! you're a great greenie!
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  1. Wow, double my pleasure. I love fiveforty AND rikrak... this is overwhelming. Great feature of a super supportive and incredibly conscientious creative lady. I still don't own one of her gorgeous sweater rugs YET, but have heard lots of rave reviews from those who do. Keep on truckin', Pegg :)

  2. What a great idea for your blog rikrak, and what a wonderful greenie fiveforty seems to be.....I think I may have heard of her before.......LOL!!!

  3. Another fantastic blog post. Yours is easily one of the most charming blogs I have read. And I am so pleased to see you feature Fiveforty/Pegg. She is indeed a wonderful person, and her rugs will warm your soles as surely as Pegg warms your soul.

  4. I love my fiveforty rugg! Pegg is a super talented weaver, jewellery maker and don't forget baker! She not only inspires us with her gorgeous rugs and her beautiful and unique jewellery pieces she's often enticing us with her cakes and can almost smell them! It's the same with her daily support and good thoughts - you can literally feel them through the screen. I'm so glad I can call her my friend!

  5. You are both sweet kind people. It's a wonderful thing to take the time to acknowledge the goodness in someone else - definitely leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

  6. Great feature on a great artist. Those rugs are stunning labors of love! GO PEG!

  7. What a great blog feature! Pegg is definately a pillar on the Canadian BNR thread. Her work is fantastic! I too hope to own one of her rugs someday!

  8. Awesome! Very nice post! I heart Pegg to the max! - Karen @ TheJuneBride

  9. Pegg is so very deserving of this recognition, it was a pleasure to see this!

    I am the proud owner of two of her rugs too, and they are just as wonderful and soft and cozy and gorgeous as anyone might imagine :)

  10. Great green-ies is a great idea for your blog! I have fiveforty in my favourites and would love to one day be the proud owner of one of her rugs! Thanks for the link to the Canadian buy and sell thread--I was totally unaware of this forum thread--time to get my head out of the sand!

  11. I love my Rug from Fiveforty! Love it! She's so talented and such a lovely person. She is very deserving of multiple pats on the back:)

  12. Pegg at fiveforty is a very caring, generous person :) I have purchased a few of her items, and gave one of her rugs to my brother and sister-in-law for a wedding gift.

    If more people would do things with the same caring heart that Pegg does, this world would be a much better place :)

  13. What a great article featuring such a talented artist! FiveForty's works are just beautiful, as well as very inspiring. so happy to meet a fellow composter as well!
    Way to go to both of you greenies!

  14. Wow, I am so honoured! You are a sweetheart Kristal!
    Thank you!


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