Friday, January 23, 2009

brilliant places to hide!

gosh. i love this set. i first saw it a few weeks ago on designcorner. named *family*, this fabulous work is by designer Kuman Tang. the chairs and table are designed for public spaces, outdoor cafes or anywhere folks need to keep an eye on their goodies! in the family are the Backpack Chair, the Case Chair, the Hanger Chair (each to help hold the namesake!) , and the glass top table has a little compartment underneath to stow tiny items that you can keep an eye on while you visit! brilliant! love it! (little rikrak thought our family could also use "Lego Chair", with an extendable table arm for little kids to build on while the adults visit! great thinking!)
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  1. I love this!!!!! I need Babysitter chair!!!

  2. oh ym god, the purse holder in the back of the chair is BRILLIANT! Every restaurant should have those!

  3. That's great! I could use one in my own home to keep curious little hands out of my files while I work! Brilliant! - Karen @ TheJuneBride

  4. I think the purse chair would become a cat chair at my house ... maybe restaurants could build those purse compartments into the backs of booths ...

    Anyway, these are wonderful designs!

  5. I love the hanger chair and could use one at home since we always seem to hang out vests and coats on the chair instead of where they really belong...


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