Thursday, January 15, 2009

my greatest hits: by GetReadySetGO

what inspires you artistically & creatively? what would those inspirations look like visually? in this fun new series, i’ve invited some wonderful artists to share with us 4 images of inspiration in their artistic life, something of an interview in images! the guidelines were basically this: choose 4 visuals (something like your creative-stimuli *greatest hits!*) that you feel most inspires & expresses your art or craft today. for some, it might be a person, place or thing; a material; a pattern; a colour; a sound or song, etc. it might be a photograph, a drawing, a scan, etc. i’ve tried to leave it a bit open-ended so that we might better glimpse into these artists' motivations and their amazing, raw talent! today i’m delighted to present the first in the series *my greatest hits*:

you’ve likely seen her wonderful revamped luggage, warm & wonderful knits or fabulous photography if you’re an etsy fan ... i'm happy to welcome the multi-talented, and wonderful Rachel of GetReadySetGo to *my greatest hits!* i just love her shop tagline: "luggage for the unique & the geek!" ... fantastic!

i really enjoy Rachel's great retro & handmade, and she's always so warm & friendly, appreciative & helpful! so i asked her for 4 images to best reflect what most inspires her art & craft. i was so excited to see her picks! they tell such fabulous tales, all by themselves! first, i was intrigued to see that Rachel chose 4 photographs; 4 photographs that she took herself, and i loved her reasoning: because she is able to "capture what moves her!" wonderful! so here are her lovely choices, and some insight behind her *greatest hits* , in her own words:

#1. Red Letters Case because the COLOR of my case & the WORDS because language gives all an outlet to artistically express and move the soul

#2. POSSIBILITY because that is ENDLESS & this photo is of my sister, my flesh and blood, the ties that bind astound me

#3. MUSIC Express HER because music inspires me minute by minute. this is taken of my best friend. the pain in her eyes represents the daily struggles of life, her expression looks of someone in anguish but who is emotionally purging. it's cathartic.

#4. Pick-up & JUMP because that is what i want to do. to just give all of my heart to those around me. to pick up myself and jump off to a place of giving it all away.....


i just love seeing the images that help to spark Rachel's talent & creativity! and what great words of wisdom, too! thanks so much, nicey! hope they might be inspiring to you in your own art or craft! be sure to visit her 3 wonderful shops: GetReadySetGO for all of your eco.friendly luggage-ing needs; AroundNBrightlyWound for handknit goodies, and secrethistory for more wonderful photos!

so i wonder... what inspires you artistically & creatively? what would those inspirations look like visually?
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  1. Great feature! I love her choices!!

  2. WOO-HOO for Rachel!!!........this is GREAT, thanks for this AWESOME featuere rikrak!


  3. I love this idea for a series, Rikrak! Can't wait to see the rest!!!


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