Monday, January 19, 2009

with thanks: times 4!

happy monday, nicies! hope it was a great weekend! i'm long overdue with a bunch of thank yous to fabulous folks who have been super-supportive with my rikrak-ing of late! i'm so fortunate to have so many great folks cheering my little makings, but i wanted to say 4 special thanks today before i go any further!!

firstly, so many thanks to all of the lovelies who so kindly include my work in their beautiful treasuries on Etsy. i'm always so excited to see those little yellow or silvery stars in the Treasury! seen here are some of the treasuries that went front page in november & december that included rikrak goodies! so many thanks! i know i missed quite a few in the past month, but thanks so much to those lovelies who let me know! i'm sorry my thanks is so very long overdue! i really really appreciate it!

(please click on the mosaic to see all the various thanks! :)

next up, a superthanks to the lovely folks who've been including me in blog posts & interviews of late! i'm so thankful to you all for your kind words! the most recent is this week's sweet interview by the lovely & talented ThePeachTree, on her beautiful blog. (thanks so much, nicey!)

next up, superthanks to rachael ray magazine for the fun little feature in Everyday with Rachael Ray *faves* in the february edition!! what a fabulous surprise! i had my first exciting foray into print magazines last season, and i'm so honoured!! thanks so much to all of the publishing folks that support handmade & sustainable goodies in their magazines!!!

and last but not least, so many thanks so everyone who has been so kind & friendly about my blogging! i really appreciate it! for all the lovely comments & words & messages: thanks so much! experimenting loves feedback!
(mirror image by junkculture)

so many thanks, nicies! what great cheerleaders you all are!
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  1. Congrats rikrak on all your success. Your items are so happy! How cool to be in the Rachel Ray magazine!

  2. HUGE congratulations on all of your wonderful press! It's easy to tell from your post that you are a sweet person who deserves every bit of praise - not to mention your stuff is awesome! :)
    Keep up the good work!

  3. You are so sweet, you deserve all this and more! :)
    Oh and please, hop over to my blog 'cause I got something for you...

  4. Wow! Congratulations! That is quite the PR! :) Keep on keeping on!

  5. Congratulations rikrak ! I've always loved browsing your etsy shop and I enjoy your new blog! You've got a great and colorful variety in both places.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. thanks for all of your lovely comments, wonderful ones! i really really appreciate your kindnesses!


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