Tuesday, January 20, 2009

let's celebrate: being inspired!

i'm thrilled! i'm so excited! i'm over the moon!
it's inauguration day in the US - and while i'm Canadian - i know i'm one of many millions, maybe billions of world-citizens thrilled about today, and the hopefullness & happiness that i feel about Barack Obama and what he might mean for us all .. well it really inspires me!

i've been fortunate to have had many amazing, inspiring folks in my life. i hope you have, too! some i'm known well and learned from their great wisdom and hope! (i think here of my amazing parents, my grandparents, & amazing teachers who have shown me grace in the face of peril, and how to live an inspiring life each and every day!)

(hope image by Ben Kimball)

and then there are inspiring folks i've only known & admired from afar... i think of peaceful leaders, gentle & loving heroes, and the folks in our world that spread love and giving over agression & bitterness.

so today i feel that same sort of inspiration. and a hope that we all might feel that twinge of hope for our own journies and for our worlds, too! i feel excitement for our little son that today is a most hopeful kind of day - for his generation, my generation, the palpable joy in my parents' generation, and for my own grandfather, (now 91!) who is amazed & excited to see such a glorious day in his own lifetime!

so let's celebrate! here's to being inspired: to believing we can each make the changes we want for our lives, for our families, for our communities and beyond! who are some inspiring folk in your life? near or far? i'd love to hear! wishing you inspiration!
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  1. I'm happy abaut today also;o) What a lovely blog you have.

  2. A wonderful post! I look forward to the days ahead as these hopes become realised.

  3. wasn't inauguration day wonderful!


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