Wednesday, January 7, 2009


happy newness, nicies! oh the wonderment of the new year!

newness. changing. evolving. reflecting. i have to admit... i love it! while i joyfully spend much of each work day reveling in the wonderment things vintage, i certainly feel there is something glorious about thingsnew! in honour of the turning of the calendar, i thought something fun and new is in order, and tada... the rikrak studio blog! i'm excited; curious; intrigued and downright nervous about blogging. i've been a longtime joining the bandwagon. but i hope you'll join me here for some new ventures, experiments and the like!

some plans here @ the rikrak studio: tiny snapshots into some of the little inspirations that come my way: arts & crafting, mommying, eco-living, design, encouragements, fun folks, good old happy things, how-tos, colourplay, and much much more!

so please stop by when you can!
and bring along a little tea and a comfy chair. mmmm.... virtual teaparties!

thought this photo would start things off nicely: taken this morning, our little sweetie watching the chickadees @ our bird feeder. and the snow, snow, snow drifting and lulling to the ground in beautiful ottawa!

what a great day for newness. wishing wonderful newthings for you and yours. thanks for visiting!
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  1. Beautiful :) I am adding you to my reader!

  2. Great blog! Looking forward to

    BTW, the photos are visible today.

  3. Wonderful blog and I can see your photos now!! I added you to my blogroll!

  4. thanks so much for your warm welcomes, nicies!


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