Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let's make: a playlist for president-elect Obama

i have to say... i'm so very very excited about next week's wonderful inauguration in the US. everyone at the rikrak home is just thrilled!

in honour, cbc radio 2 launched a fun little project! they're compiling a playlist of 49 songs for north of the 49th parallel, to send to president-elect Barack Obama. in cbc's own words, the playlist means that Canadians can "... choose 49 songs from North of the 49th parallel that define Canada to the new President."

all last week, i loved following along as the various nominations came pouring in (and i did my own nominating!) and now, you can vote for your favourites from the top 100 nominated songs! there are some really great ones, and the music spans centuries, genres and styles from our great nation!

and who ended up making the top 100 - so fascinating to me: some of my fave artists (joni mitchell twice with a case of you & both sides now ; jane siberry with hockey ; daniel lanois with jolie louise ; and bruce cockburn with wondering where the lions are) all made the first cut! and of great interest to me are some of the amazing, brilliant and wonderful canadians that didn't make the top 100... hmmm.. but more on that later!

so head on over to vote - it ends friday!
(and if you have a chance, i'm just lovin' the new hosts of radio 2's new daytime shows: love rich terfry's great new radio 2 drive, with lots of wonderful emerging canadian singer/song-writers! and my daily work-to music, julie nesrallah's classical show tempo!

can't wait to see how the playlist turns out! and yay the inauguration!

who are some of your Canadian faves?
and what do you listen to while you work? (i'm preparing an upcoming post about it.. please tell me your answers... i'd love to include your choices in the post!)
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  1. I love that idea, too, RikRak! I've voted each day so far (you're allowed to!)

  2. Hi RikRak,

    I love your Etsy shop and I'm so happy that I found your blog. I'll visit often!

  3. I would have loved to see something by Winnipeg's own The Duhks make the list, but happy that former Winnipeger Neil Young made it.


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