Thursday, June 30, 2011

the summer schedule

happiness by my camera bag

new bat time, but the same bat channel... 
or so batman would say.

welcome to the summer, sweeties.

the wee ones are out of school and it's time for lots of outdoor playing at the park with little rikrak, picnics at the beach and a little change of schedule around these parts!

so starting tomorrow the new summer rikrak studio hours will be: 

monday-wednesday-friday { july 1-15} 
a little break { july 16 - august 16} 
monday-wednesday-friday  { august 18-29}

there'll be lots of fun happening (whether i'm here or there!) 
and fun giveaways, games and all that good stuff we usually chat about, nicies.

so kick up your feet and get ready for a great summe, cutiepies!

change of schedule at your place these days? 
what have you got planned for over the summer?
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  1. there is definitely a change of schedule for me. no school for 2 and half months, so no waking up early. haha. this is such a nice and relaxing picuture.



  2. We're moving into Winter here, rugging up, getting the fire going. There is always a change of schedule - a little sleep in. It's worth the morning rush in Winter to have those 15 precious minutes in bed when you are awake but not up! x

  3. yay to good changes in our schedules, nicies. (and yay to you not waking up too early now, carrie!)

    maxabella - hope you can get some good good sleep!


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