Friday, June 24, 2011

play day


it's little rikrak's *play day* at school.

did you have this as a child?
a series of crazy outdoor stations where kids play on teams to compete in obstacle courses, funny relays;  snack of freezies and wait for the megaphone blast to move to the next silly station?

i gotta tell you. i didn't love it. not at all.
but little rikrak: it's surely his favourite day! all the running around and crazy athletics = just his thing! :)

i guess as adults we've come to think that obstacle courses are more of a daily challenge, then the fun of shimmying through a giant tube and passing a bouncyball over-and-under thru a line of giddy primary sweeties!

thank goodness for kids reminding us even obstacles can be superfun, that no challenge is too big, and that being silly and fun is what we all need everyday!

hope you have a totally playful, obstacle-FREE weekend, nicies.
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  1. I loved completing obstacle courses as a child. I have to say I have not done one in more than 20years now! I imagine it would be a stress reliever from our day to day obstacles. ~Val

  2. I wasn't a fan either, RR. Though I love watching obstacle courses on reality shows now!!! You're right about the wisdom children show us everyday. :> Have a good weekend.

  3. you're so right, miss val!

    you too, leslie! hugs.

  4. That looks like such fun!
    Have a great weekend!


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