Monday, June 27, 2011

the art of the flower


clockwise from top left: 

do i ever love the POP of flowers around here this week. 
rich gorgeous blooms artfully zooming up here there and everywhere.

i think my all-time fave would be the gorgeous delicate peony!

last month, during the *i love my sponsors* giveaway i asked:   what's YOUR favourite springtime / early summer flower?

i include a sampling of your lovely choices here today.

what's your favourite early summer flower? 


and abby love the tulip.

the lilac makes

adore the daffodil.

leslie (& i!) love the hydrangea

forget-me-nots have bethany swooning.

masha loves the poppy.

daisies inspire moira.

and eden 
swoons for the calla lily. 


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  1. Thanks for including my choice, RR!

    Glad you love hydrangeas, too. This weekend all of the spirea popped here = LOVELY!!!!

  2. I love lilies and mine are starting to get their buds! ~Val

  3. Hey thanks for the shout out with my love for tulips. :-)

    And I saw you entered my giveaway for the free month of advertising, you are so sweet. Good luck!!

  4. :) so happy to have all of you, nicies!

    ooh - spirea! so gorgeous, leslie!

    and lilies are just lovely, aren't they val?

    thanks for hosting, bargain! love your sweet blog!

  5. Because calla lilies are awesome! :)

  6. i looooove that picture. it's gorgeous!!

    allister bee blog

  7. fun! Flowers are great...I planted a hydrangea bush this year and was ecstatic to see it bloom! Daffodils (buttercups) are my #1 favorite though.

  8. Nice flower illustrations! I love it ;)

  9. how nice :)

  10. Tulips, because we got engaged in NYC when all the tulips were in bloom :-)

  11. Peonies! Hydrangeas! Hyacinth!
    Thanks so much for including my art in your flower collage!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ooh i love the precious stories behind the faves! thanks for sharing everyone


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