Monday, June 6, 2011

italy wins!

italy ... from top


blast those vuvuzelas!

italy has WON the handmade world cup!
after 1000+ votes, italy has claimed a momentous victory by beating out SPAIN in the final match of our round robin tournament!

congratulations to the 36 nations that played and voted!
what an amazing world of handcrafters we have!

hope you'll take a few moments to visit some of the fabulous handmaking etsy shops from italy!

you can use the *shop local* tool and search for the county:

search for cities and towns in italy, too!


and the victory wouldn't be complete without a funfun contest winner... thanks to, the $30 shopping spree to ANY ITALIAN etsy shop goes to.....

(vuvuzela buzz, please....)
marta! (from spain nonetheless!)

yay! - congrats marta! thanks for playing! (check out marta's fun blogs: english in barna, & a bilingual baby! 

thanks so much to everyone who entered,
and spread the handmaking cheer!

see you next year sweeties!


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  1. Congratulations Italy!

    Thank you for hosting this. I found so many new favorite shops.

  2. Il made in Italy è da sempre sinonimo di qualità, originalità e creatività. W l'Italia! W il Made in Italy!

  3. Thank you for hosting this lovely event :) Congrats to all the countries and Hurrà for us (Italy)! :D I'm going to share this post on my fb page, thank you again :D

  4. Yaaaay, Italy won! Great :D Spread the Handmade in Italy in the world!

    Thank you very much and.. Congrats Marta!

  5. Thank you so much! I'm sooo happy! Marta

  6. Congrats to Italy and Marta!


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