Thursday, June 9, 2011

under the weather

under the weather by kyanos
dear oh dear.
we're all under the weather. 
the whole gosh-darn rikrak family household.

so it's an early night, lots of soothing hugs and good wishes in the wind that each of our own unique ailments might look better and brighter in the morning.

what helps you most when you're not feeling so well?
here's to a speedy recovery for everyone!
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  1. :o( Hope everyone feels better soon! I mostly sleep when I'm sick...and my husband tries to force tea down my throat. I hear that REALLY helps, but I just haven't developed a taste for it.

  2. Oh, no!! I am so sorry for your sweet family. Sending hugs for all!!

  3. oh dear lovely rikrak family, please feel well soon! bed, cuddles, warm lemon and ginger tea, and your vitamins will hopefully bring you to full health soon!! xo

  4. oh you nicies cheer me so much with your well wishes! hugs!

    i'm feeling better this morning indeed. seems as though everyone has something different ailing them here this week... so now we can turn our attentions to the other cuties!

    thanks again
    hugs and love

  5. oh K, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. we were hit by a terrible sinus cold and are just starting to feel better....take care!

  6. thanks sweetie. hope you're all-better now. some of ours is quick-term better and some long-term better! fingers crossed it's all good soon!


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