Monday, June 20, 2011

so i had a crush on a magical mannequin....


once upon a time i had a crush on a mannequin.
it was an early childhood kinda crush. 
on a mannequin who magically turned into a man when the store closed at night. 
did you love jeff from that tv classic "today's special" too?

i mean, c'mon - what was there not to love? 

he could sing and dance
boy - could he sing and dance!

and he was so kindly and all.

i confess this today because  TVO, a publicly-funded education broadcast station here in ontario (something of a provincial PBS) , is turning 40 this year. in my humble opinion, 40 fabulous years of the BEST in kids' educational entertainment (back in my day it was polka dot door and today's special!) , amazingly pioneering first-person documentaries, wonderful public affairs shows highlighting critical debates in our province, some of my favourite artistic and political interviews over the years, and oh so much more (like crushable MANnequin's!) ... most of which are now available in their fabulous online archive for free.

these days, i'd also recommended their fabulously fun tvokids webite, filled with over 160+ educational-ish free games for all ages ... lots of great creative arts ones....(and yay - they're  NOT violent! ) AND i love how TVO actively helps kids deal with real-life worries: interactive programs on school-yard bullying, spaces to THINK about and discuss the stresses of life and school for the under 12 age-group, the hi's and low's of pre-teen daily LIFE!

little rikrak and i give it a BIG thumbs up!

so happy birthday, TVO! you're wonderful!
here's to THOUGHTFUL programming for all ages.

what was your favourite kids show growing up?
any mannequin crushes?


polka dot door

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  1. Thank you for this fun trip down memory lane!! I too had a major crush on Jeff! so much fun. Happy Birthday TVO!

  2. Oh Jeff! :) I once saw him live on stage in a pantomime which also starred Bruno Gerrusi of Beachcombers and Karen Kain. Canadian-kid heaven I tell you!

  3. OMG, I was just thinking about Today's Special! I totally crushed on Jeff.

  4. mannequin-lovers UNITE!

    glad to hear we're all proud-jeff appreciators!

    yay tvo!

  5. and nicole: you are SO LUCKY! i think we should start posts on "canadian-kid heaven" hall of fame moments - just think of the fabulous cbc/tvo memories we'd unearth! hinterland who's who anyone?

  6. Am I the only one who thinks of "Mannequin" the movie? When Kim Cattrall comes to life? Well, not that I really had a crush on her. I wanted to BE her. Haha.

  7. ah yes, little grey! i concur! :)

    maybe jeff and kim met up years later and became kissing friends: mannequin style!

    what's with canadian stars as mannequins? hmmmm....

  8. WOW, I had forgotten Today's Special!! I loved it as a kid!!!


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