Friday, July 1, 2011

happy canada day!

map of canada pillow by nicole tarasik


so what do you think about canada? 

for example - i'm quite a fan!
we're not perfect as a nation. that's for sure. 
but i still love my canada!
happy birthday today, sweetiepie country!
i'm so thankful to be part of a wonderful nation that values human rights, pursues the equality of all people, strives for kindness, has given me so many opportunities be the person i want to be,  and is made fun of for being "too nice" and " too polite."

my kinda country. :}

and boy... can we make great things: check out some of our fabulous canadian handmakers  

have a glorious, celebratory weekend sweeties!
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  1. Happy Canada Day, RR! Yay to our great Nation!!!!


  2. thanks nicies!
    you too, leslie. heading to the Hill tonight? say hi to will & kate for me!

  3. Canada's the BEST country! That's why I always travel there!!!! Happy Birthday!! ;>

  4. I'm a big fan of Canada. It's were all of my family is from originally, French Canadians that we are. :)

  5. Happy -belated- Canada Day!
    I've never been to Canada but it's definately a place I'd love to visit.

    Also, I've noticed that Canadian etsy shops have a particular style that I really like.

  6. Happy (bleated) birthday to the great country to the north!

  7. Belated Happy Canada Day! its 4th of July in the USA. Cheers everyone ;)

  8. I was visiting on Canada Day!
    We visited Toronto and did all sorts of fun touristy things and then sat on a rooftop downtown.
    The weather was lovely this weekend.

    (Though I was quite unhappy to get a parking ticket in the Distillery District. No signage or anything, pulled into a spot vacated by locals and we had even PAID for parking.

  9. yay!
    thanks nicies - and valerie - so fun! sorry about the parking ticket though.... alas!


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