Wednesday, July 6, 2011

congrats & the appalachian quilt trail

morning nicies!

as you know, i always love *meeting* new folks by reading your lovely comments, and curiously clicking to visit your beautiful handmade shops, blogs and sites! i can honestly say i've found 100s of folks to feature by following those fabulous hyperlink names from your lovely notes here! yay to that!

in keeping with this... i love feature a little something  by (or found by!) the winners of our rikrak studio giveaways!cause hey: i'm proud to say my readers make, dream, think, find the most amazing things!

today's lucky winner is's  #209 ... christy of salvaged fabric . YAY! you've won the june *i love my sponsors* $25 gift certificate giveaway!

when i went to visit the winner's blog, i was delighted to find a most fascinating post about her adventure along the fabulous appalachian quilt trail

what fun: it's a 300 mile tour that features over 350 painted wooden *quilt blocks*  - such a great way to see rural tennessee & beyond! {and superfunly - you can choose your route by location or by favourite quilt blocks! it must be a quilters paradise!}

how about you? 
been on any fun tours lately?

{and psssst: one more day to enter to WIN the gorgeous jenny pong studio clutch purse giveaway here. oooh how i wish i could win it!}

thanks for always inspiring me, cuties!
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  1. Congrats Christy! And what an interesting post!

  2. Congrats to Christy! The AQT looks like a lot of fun, like being on a treasure hunt!

    One year we did the waterfall tour of Grey and Bruce counties in southern Ontario. The whole tour is about 150km and you can view 7 waterfalls.

  3. OOH that sounds wonderful, bstudio! i'd love to see that!

    happy touring nicies!

  4. Wow- taht is SO neat!! You know, I'm always seeing painted quilt blocks on the sides of barns here in Illinois, and I've always wondered what it meant!!!


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