Friday, July 8, 2011

9 more days & counting


luscious strawberry images above by:
picky photo + kristybee + shannon pix


remember last summer when i confessed that we'd been eating fresh cherries for 10 days straight ... or the summer before when it was fresh corn on the cob we were so happily crazy about?!... well it's another food-fan marathon here this summer.

this july, it's been a strawberry bonanza .... i don't know about you, but here at the rikrak home we're obsessive. oh heavens... about so very many things, really!

like with our food... sometimes we just get on a kick.
and then we eat the same food, everyday, 
for days.
or weeks.
or more!

that's where we're at right now with that perfect red berry.

anyone else crazy like us?
soon enough, fabulous fresh local strawberries will be a distant summer memory.
so i'll obsess while i can.

food obsessive like me?
about what?


luscious strawberry images below by:
 icha photography + lit photography


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  1. Makes my mouth water just seeing all those strawberries! Thanks for having me here.

  2. YUMMMMMMMMY! We're on a lettuce kick (our garden is packed with the lettuce harvest!) these days. All styles of salads and dressings. My new favorite is actually a Strawberry Salad with Poppyseed Dressing!!!!!!!

  3. Yum yum! Fresh, ripe, in-season strawberries are the absolute best - we keep our house stocked with them just as soon as the first local batch is ready.

    I've been completely obsessed with lavender lately - I kept trying it at different restaurants and finally bought a bunch to play with myself. So far I've used it in ice cream (heavenly) and as a topping for grilled salmon (herbal & delicious)

    I'm hungry now :)

  4. so happy to have you shannon!

    and kinsey: YUM! is right! sounds delicious.

    katrina: i love your fun lavender experimenting! with grilled salmon? fabulous!

    happy yummying nicies!

  5. We're doing the Ontario strawberry 'thing' right now too! Have you tried them roasted and then mashed up and included in a cheesecake or sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and pepper? Surprisingly delicious!

  6. well its better than a lot of food to be on a "kick" with ..beautiful photos of a all time favorite !

  7. wonderful, bstudio!
    and that's so true, elk.

    cheers strawberry fans!

  8. I think we must be holding out for the amazing august of Peaches, we devoured many other fruits, but they have yet to hit 'that' spot for us…. (right now I'll admit we are ravaging our blackberry bushes in the back yard, but still not the big surge we are seeking…)


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