Monday, January 3, 2011

reflect & reconnect

handmade inspirations {from top left}

telephone photograph : theJaneStudio
dear friend stationary : prippie
mirror mirror print :  louisesArt 
imagination letterpress : louellaPress
scallop mirror : uncommon
embroidered wall hanging : marysgranddaughter


welcome to the new year, nicies!
it's one of my favourite times of optimism & self-encouragement - a chance to redefine, re-evaluate, and rediscover ourselves.

i'm a firm believer that by looking back over what we've done & overcome,  and by using that knowledge to reconnect in our new year ahead, great things will come our ways, nicies!

so here's my little new year's challenge for you: 

please share...

:: reflect ::
what's a wonderful success you had in 2010?
{let's feel proud of what we've accomplished} 


what's an obstacle you overcame in 2010? 
{you did it, nicies! hugs & hugs to you!}

:: reconnect ::
what's a part of your world you'd like to reconnect with in 2011? 
a part of yourself? a friend? an interest?  
{and what will be your first step in DOING it?} 

all things wonderful to you in this glorious new year, lovelies!
may it be fabulous for you.
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  1. Lovely & inspiring post, thank you for this! I'd love to reconnect with my friends, seems like between my shop & my little one friendships have fallen by the way side. I'd also like to get back into quilting, I haven't made much time for it & really miss it!

  2. Well, let's see.

    I MOSTLY finished my graduate degree (only a week and a half left to wrap up some loose ends) after 5.5 years of hard work.

    Overcoming my own mental and physical exhaustion to see my degree through to the end was probably the biggest obstacle of the year. And, doing that without neglecting my marriage.

    Now that I'm going to have the time for the first time in more than half a decade, I desperately want to reconnect with myself, my friends, and all the things I had to put aside.

  3. Love this! Thanks.
    I DO feel proud that I finally was able to lose the weight that has been nagging me since the birth of my second child. (I was able to keep it off over the Holidays, too!!!!!!!!)

    This year I'd will reconnect with my family. It was a busy year and too many times we put off making plans for work or laziness.

    Happy New Year to you!!!!

  4. Forgot to say, what are yours?

  5. i wish you oh-so-well with your wonderful reconnecting goals, allisa, ana & leslie!

    you can do it!

    allisa: how wonderful it will be to connect with friends again!

    and ana: many congrats. those mental & physical obstacles sound like such hard work! hope you're very proud of your amazing work!

    and here's to that, leslie! you can do it!

  6. HAPPY 2011 nicey!
    Hope you have a wonderful year...I am off to ponder!

  7. What a beautiful post!

    For me, my best achievement in 2010 was learning to slow down and live in the moment. My obstacle was my own impatience. In 2011 I'm planning to reconnect with my health - emotional, physical and spiritual health.

    Happy new year!! x


thanks so much for your comments, nicies!
it's a joy to read what everyone writes here.
thank you!