Thursday, January 27, 2011

lovely & inspiring

clockwise from top left ...
:: collage a :: crafterall . this year's girl . renna deluxe . kiokko bebe couture .

:: collage d ::  bayanhippo . balanced adorn+cherish . ikabags


well nicies ... all this could be yours!
or at least some of it could! :) 

that's right. 
all of these beautiful handmade & vintage delights are made & collected by the amazing sponsor shops of the 2011 handmade olympics.  i'm so thankful to all of these superstars for making the events possible!

there are over $2000 worth of prizes up for grabs.
so stop in and nominate your own works, and nominate the works of others that you love in each of the 8 events. 

someone has to win each of the 24 wonderful prize packs, right? 
and you can't win if you're not entered. 

{ & heck, why not make someone's day by nominating them!}

and be sure to visit + oogle at each of the sponsor shops, too!

don't they make gorgeous things? 
yay to beautiful things!

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  1. You're right..they're ALL gorgeous!
    Off to check them out.

  2. How beautiful handmade activity !

    Cheers from Paris dear madame :))

  3. thanks nicies!

    oh how i WISH i could win them all, too!... but it sure is the next best thing to be part of giving them out instead! yay great artists!

  4. stunning collages!I love them all!!!Thanks so much for having my bag here :)

  5. Wonderful collection!!!!!!!
    Love them all!!!!!

  6. Wow, you really convinced me, I have to try and win some of these great things!!

  7. very super beautiful items

  8. you lovelies are wonderful!

    good luck to everyone :)

  9. me too :) I have to try and win some of these great things!
    Have a wonderful weekend K. for you and your sweet family :))


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